Mentors’ Programme

The Mentors’ program at Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) was launched in 2003 and is coordinated by VMU International Office.

The Mentors’ program aims to make the adaptation process of incoming international students at VMU easier, fosters volunteering and increases international experience among VMU students.

A mentor is a student of VMU who has already studied abroad (or perhaps is planning to study in the future), has motivation, international and intercultural experience and voluntarily helps the incoming foreign students.

A mentor:

  • Meets international students in Kaunas train / bus station / airport and accompanies them to the living place or residence;
  • Assists students in orientating themselves at the University and in Kaunas;
  • Helps students in everyday matters and making new friends.

VMU international students’ opinion about the mentors:

”It is very nice to know that someone is waiting for you at the airport when you arrive alone, because then you feel more secure and less stressed“.

”Mentor helps with important information and is the only person you know in Lithuania for the first days“.

”Mentor helps with important information and is the only person you know in Lithuania for the first days“.

”It is so helpful to have a mentor because Lithuanian language is difficult to learn and at the beginning you are so lost. My mentor has helped me a lot. Without her everything would have been much more complicated“.

”My mentor became a very good friend of mine“.

VMU mentors’ opinion about the Mentors program:

”I became a mentor in order to gain new experience and learn more about other cultures. VMU mentors’ program gave me that and even more“.

”I participate in the mentors’ program in order to help international students at VMU and to improve the knowledge of foreign languages“.

”Participation in the mentors’ program has given me the opportunity to gain intercultural and international experience and meet interesting people from all over the world“.

Every semester international non profit student organzation “ESN VMU” and VMU mentors together with the International Office organize various excursions, socio-cultural projects and activities for incoming students.

More information available here.