Young Diplomats: Public Speaking Conference


Are you studying politics or diplomacy? Are you planning a future career that involves speaking in front of large amounts of people? Does speaking in public give you anxiety?

Lithuanian United Nations Youth Association‎ (LUNYA) is hosting a “Young Diplomats: Public Speaking Conference” for students and youth who are interested in improving their public speaking skills and overcoming any anxiety they may have about speaking in public.

Speaking well in public is a useful tool for everyone, no matter what field you are working in!

This conference will be split up into two parts: the theoretical and practical.

Theoretical – The theoretical part will take place on April 18h from 14:00-17:00 and will involve presentations by experts in the related fields of diplomacy and international relations describing how to overcome fears of public speaking and how to successfully present oneself and their ideas.

Practical – The practical part will take place w week late on April 25th from 14:00-18:00 and will involve a contest where participants have a week to put together a speech on previously provided topics that were chosen by lottery. They will have a chance to present their speeches in front of a panel and receive feedback. At the conference’s culmination, those who present the best speeches will be selected by the panel to receive certificates.

Speakers: TBA

Maximum amount of participants: 30

Registraiton is free! Be sure to register fast to take part in this event, as there are only 30 spaces available!

Register here.

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