VMU to Offer 18 Programmes in English


Good news to all English-speaking international students: starting from the new academic year in autumn, Vytautas Magnus University is to offer 18 BA and MA degree full-time programmes in the English language.

These high-standard, internationally relevant studies of the humanities, social and political sciences are a winning ticket to liberal arts education and a firsthand experience of living and learning in a Central Eastern European country.

Aside from over 500 BA and MA semester-long courses in English, incoming students who are not fluent in Lithuanian may choose from 3 BA and 15 MA programmes. Another three English-language programmes are to be launched in 2013: BA programme of European Economic Studies and 2 MA programmes –  Contemporary European Politics and Management of Education. Academic career can be pursued further by enrolling in PhD studies in the field of social sciences. VMU offers doctoral studies as well, in no less than 18 different fields.

Furthermore, international students are offered excellent opportunities to apply for scholarships which cover 100% or 50% of the annual tuition fee.

Faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy

Faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy offers 6 programmes for international students. International Politics and Development Studies Bachelor’s degree programme focuses on the developing countries of the world: the analysis, comparison and assessment of political, economic and social processes of these regions, etc. Career prospects for the graduates include work at EU institutions, embassies, NGOs, etc.

The faculty’s other 5 programmes in English are for those who seek a Master‘s degree. Baltic Region Studies and East Asia Region Studies analyze the political and economic processes in the countries of their respective areas, and graduation paves the way for work at public and private institutions, diplomatic missions, etc. 

Social and Political Critique Studies is an MA programme tailored for those who wish to acquire the skills to not just analyse social and political processes in a manner which would reflect their political and social realities, but also to examine and care for human self-expression and existence evident in these processes. Diplomacy and International Relations prepares highly qualified specialists and analysts who are able to evaluate the evolution of international relations, including major changes and events in the field, as well as their causes.

Students may also enrol in the Journalism and Media Analysis programme, which produces qualified and dependable journalism professionals who have skills to not only produce content but also critically assess communication processes in the context of the changing media and socio-cultural environment.

Music Academy

There is a new exciting option for the artistic international students at VMU – MA studies of Performance Art at the Music Academy. Entrants may choose from several specializations – piano, strings, wind and percussion instruments, singing of scenic genres, and singing of concert genres. The courses here will help students develop their competencies as musicians, as they will learn to perform complex material written for the studied instrument or vocal much more professionally, and become more independent in their artistic choices.

Faculty of Economics and Management

In a world where global economy is of an increasingly crucial importance, Faculty of Economics and Management retains its relevance by providing international students with high-quality programmes.
Marketing and Sales educates Masters of Management and Business Administration who apply their systematic point of view in the permanently shifting conditions and deal with difficult contemporary marketing issues and processes in international markets.

Graduates of Marketing and International Commerce become marketing specialists who think strategically and react to changing domestic and international business environment. The programme introduces the most recent marketing theories and methods, which the students learn to analyse independently. Students who desire knowledge of global and local financial systems may choose the programme of Finance and Banking, which also teaches practical use of modern risk management instruments and methods, etc.

Faculty of Humanities

Applied English Linguistics at the Faculty of Humanities turns students into highly qualified experts who are able to compare and assess two languages and cultures, to independently apply their knowledge while working at international academic and cultural institutions, business companies, etc. They may also receive job offers from companies looking for employees who are able to deal with intercultural differences and provide high quality translation services.

Faculty of Social Sciences

At the Faculty of Social Sciences, two Bachelor’s degree and four Master’s degree programmes are available for English-speaking students.

Career and Professional Counselling is a Bachelor’s degree programme designed to educate and train the specialists for education and training with their abilities to designate the learning needs of individuals, communities and organizations, to collect and analyze data for personnel management and education, to counsel individuals, various types‘ organizations concerning personnel learning and many more. Career opportunities can be divided into three major groups: management of formal and informal education in various educational institutions; Professional counselling, career planning and human resource development in enterprises, institutions in personnel management and counselling, public institutions, NGO‘s; Teaching / education at secondary and professional / vocational schools, and educational institutions for adults.

Community Development is another Bachelor’s degree offered which aims to develop community work qualification for professionals working in large, diverse (intercultural) groups, local and international teams and communities as well as non-formal neighborhood groups for the benefit of peace building and civil society. Graduates will be able to work as practitioners in neighborhoods, municipal, national welfare institutions as well as local national and especially international NGOs related to community development, etc.

Applied Sociology studies help students learn to independently tackle the particularities and problems which arise in various areas of society. Graduates should have no trouble finding work at social research centres, public opinion and market research institutions, public administration, science and education institutions, the media, etc.

Social Anthropology is for future anthropologists able to conduct ethnographic fieldwork, carry out independent scientific research and apply anthropological theories and contemporary research perspectives. This programme is also useful for its training of intercultural communication. Possible career paths include work in socio-economic development, urban and rural planning, public health, media, education, cultural heritage, environmental protection and other fields.

Social Work programme educates future social workers who are competent at research of contextualised practice and integration and development of professional knowledge, skills, values, etc. Master’s degree in Social Work opens opportunities for doctoral studies of social sciences and work at institutions of social security, education, health-care, law, etc.

Career Designing is best suited for those who wish to be able to make research, evaluate, manage and to develop individual person‘s or organization‘s career designing culture in the institutions of education and labour market, applying effective strategies of choosing profession or further career development in the context of permanently changing educational and labour market needs. This programme opens career paths in various educational and labour market institutions, vocational and career counselling centres, etc. After successful completion of the programme, students may enroll to PhD studies in Education research.

Faculty of Informatics

Last but not least, IT enthusiasts may apply for studies of Applied Informatics at the Faculty of Informatics. Completion of the programme enables graduates to learn through self-education, predict new trends in development of technologies, adequately choose and apply strategically important technologies and platforms, participate in scientific research and enter doctoral studies at local and foreign universities and scientific organizations. Some of the gained competencies include ability to create and apply new ideas in IT business and science, design IT products of commercial and public value, etc.

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More information about full-time degree studies at VMU is available on the website of VMU International Office.

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