Meeting Sheds Light on World Lithuanian Issues


On April 18, a meeting with the new editor of the periodical publication Pasaulio Lietuvis (World Lithuanian), the President of the World Lithuanian Youth Association Kęstas Pikūnas, took place at the VMU Lithuanian Emigration Institute. The participants discussed how the current affairs and visions of the future are changing for the Lithuanians living abroad, and what mission is in store for the new editorial board of the journal.

The goal of the updated Lithuanian-published monthly Pasaulio Lietuvis is to present the life of world Lithuanian community, foster Lithuanianism and citizenship, preserve and strengthen the ties of Lithuanians living abroad with their homeland. The journal aims to provide readers with an opportunity to understand the often distorted definition of a World Lithuanian and the importance of the creation of global Lithuania. "We seek to unite the community of world Lithuanians, since Lithuania in here as well as in there, abroad, is the same. Creating a dialogue is the most important", Pikūnas said.

The discussion was attended and moderated by Mykolas Drunga and Egidijus Aleksandravičius.

You are welcome to view photo report by Jonas Petronis ( and video report (in Lithuanian) by Lukas Motiejūnas ( The entire Lithuanian-language discussion is available online here.

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