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Joint scientific research, projects, innovations and transformation laboratories  

The alliance strengthens cooperation with the region, based on implementing the solutions developed within the alliance. 

Transformation labs are complex structures with hybrid character, offering an integrated digital and physical (phygital) platform for research collaboration between the members of the Transform4Europe alliance, which are open also for all partners involved in the T4Europe Smart transformation network. Within the labs, the partners are sharing their human and physical resources for generating ideas, innovations, and scientific research within the scope and the mission of the Transform4Europe project. They are also going to serve as diffusion hubs for sharing knowledge, innovations, technological tools, and research results not only between the involved partners and stakeholders, but with the regions and their political, business, and societal subsystems.  

Transformation labs

Transformation lab1: Smart regions and cities: the ideology behind this is the hybrid natural-societal spatial systems, forming the regions and the cities. Within the thematic scope of this lab is everything related to regional, urban, and environmental transformation: 

  • Smart cities and regions concept and approaches 
  • Climate change and environmental transformation 
  • Circular economy and resource effectiveness  
  • Biodiversity and environmental protection 
  • Raw materials and waste management  
  • Sustainable regional, spatial, and urban planning and development etc. 

Transformation lab 2: Digital transformation: Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to create new — or modify existing —research, education, administrative or business processes, culture, and experiences to meet changing requirements of the society. This reimagining of our way of life in the today’s digital age is digital transformation. 

Transformation lab 3: Social transformation, community building and inclusion: Lab 3 focus on significant political, economic, and social transformation which Europe and the world undergo and the changing conceptions of the social in recent social theory and the application of some of these ideas to European integration context. Within the thematic scope of this lab several main topics are identified: 

  • Societal standards, guarantees for freedom, justice, rule of law and the principles of diverse and tolerant society; 
  • Community building, European citizenship; 
  • Future of the European Union; 
  • Public governance in times of uncertainty and unpredictability; 
  • Public governance and social change; 
  • Governance of education; 
  • Youth generations: beliefs and attitudes; 
  • Societal change with migration and ageing population; 
  • Social inclusion, intercultural competences, multilingual societies.  

Events and lectures 

The T4EU alliance organises events of varying formats and duration that are dedicated not only to the education communities but also to the public: the Festival of European Culture, which invites people to visit and get to know a country in Europe; mobility weeks that expand knowledge, capture imagination, and allow experiments; and the Open Dual Lecture series. The latter is a public lecture series that consists of four lectures per term/semester rotating around the partner universities. The evening lectures are held in an innovative joint format by either one academic staff member of the host university and one external entrepreneur or practitioner from another region of the T4E alliance, or by one entrepreneur or practitioner from the home region and an academic from one of the T4EU partner universities.  

Information about the events is published on the alliance’s website and the alliance’s section at 

Invite a scientist 

T4EU brings entrepreneurs and practitioners from the local communities into the classroom through an international visiting lectureship for entrepreneurs and practitioners to inspire and strengthen the entrepreneurial mind-set. 

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