For BA, MA and PhD students

International BA study modules 

Twice a year, in spring and autumn, the Transform4Europe Alliance invites students to choose bachelor degree study modules in European universities and improve their digital, environmental, social, intercultural and entrepreneurial skills. Most of the modules are online. 

Students are provided the opportunity to study modules and, after completing them, receive a study certificate of up to 24 ECTS. All modules selected by the alliance’s partners are recognised at the university as either a part of the main study programme or as additional optional subjects. 

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Joint online mobility centre 

Joint online mobility centre is a common space to promote internationalisation and facilitate the mobilities within the alliance and beyond. Improved, flexible and inclusive mobility framework conditions established mobility as the norm. New short-term and longer mobility forms as well as the wider network of Erasmus+ partnerships provide opportunities to not only acquire additional knowledge and explore various internships but also to get to know other countries, their cultures and languages, and meet new people. 

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Conferences, additional training and lectures 

Studies and internships at the European University are available all year. In order to share best practices and experiences, the alliance’s partners frequently organise in-person and online events, additional training and practices. Follow the latest information on the alliance’s website and the alliance’s news section at 

Joint online entrepreneurship office 

Joint online entrepreneurship office offers a common space to promote the participation of entrepreneurs (bachelors, masters and doctoral students within the T4EU alliance) in initiatives promoted by the universities participating in the project such as entrepreneurial internships and volunteering opportunities, competitions and funding opportunities. It unifies the strengths of each of them to offer a wide range of services that respond to entrepreneurs in the different stages of consolidation of their projects. 

The alliance’s partners organise professional training, courses and consultations during which opportunities are provided to develop career competences, learn from business companies and social partners, get acquainted with international practices and innovative entrepreneurial methods, and establish contacts in the network of 10 universities and beyond. Find out more about upcoming training on the website of Transform4Europe and in the alliance’s news section at 

Create your own business plan 

Transform4Europe provides students with a unique opportunity to develop their own business idea in international and multidisciplinary teams, attend lectures on business planning and international experiences, and receive consultations. Participation is available individually or in teams. The main objective is to spread the culture of innovation in the academic world and the European business environment by encouraging the start-up and scale-up of companies that turn original ideas into business ideas. Students have the opportunity to work together on a sustainable business project and share experiences with the support of qualified mentors. Selected aspiring entrepreneurs are participating in a dedicated training session. The best project is awarded up to 5,000 euros every year. 

The latest calls for applications are announced here. 

Festival of European Culture 

Every year, the Festival of European Culture by the Transform4Europe Alliance draws people into a different European country. The festival’s idea is to open up the continent’s cultural heritage to the public and the communities of the European University — from contemporary and historical perspectives. Art, architecture, music, theatre, and dance invites everyone to be not just passive observers but also active participants of the experiences. More information. 

Foreign language courses 

There are over 7,000 languages in the world. Some say that, once you’ve learned 10 of them, it is not that difficult to learn the rest. Here’s a challenge for you: learn at least one new language. You can find all relevant information here. 

Discover the Ambassador Programme 

Students have joined up to share their experiences at Transform4Europe universities and to welcome and accompany you, the new incoming students at the alliance’s universities. Do you want to become an ambassador? Looking for a buddy during the exchange studies? Find out more.