Faculty of Law expands Horizons – new Campus Europae Agreement signed


Prof. Julija Kiršienė, the Dean of the Faculty of Law at Vytautas Magnus University, has signed an agreement for the reciprocal recognition of studies among the members of the Campus Europae project. This agreement, which was signed on September 16th, will allow simpler and more comfortable student exchange among the participating seven European universities. Campus Europae strives to strengthen and accelerate the development of the sphere of European education by establishing examples of concrete cooperation.

As a member of the project, Vytautas Magnus University provides the opportunity for the students to spend two academic years abroad, a sufficient period of time for them to learn the language of the country and immerse themselves wholly in its culture. This corresponds to the core concept of the Campus Europae, which aims to develop students’ awareness of being active European citizens.

In accordance with the project’s offer to experience Europe’s unity in diversity, the participants of the student exchange are given the chance to acquire academic knowledge in conjunction with awareness of European identity. The students are also provided the conditions to combine their studies with study-related work positions, thus giving them an additional avenue in which to enhance and develop their international employability.

Campus Europae is relying on the experience and expertise of its European member universities, in order to improve the mobility of European students around the academic world of the continent. Therefore, the acceptance of Vytautas Magnus University as a member of the project is a testament to the wealth of knowledge of its well-qualified professionals who gladly share it with local and foreign students.

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