Erasmus Days ’22: International Mobility Possibilities


Traditionally, at the beginning of every semester, the VMU International Cooperation Department (ICD) invites all VMU students to participate in an event favored by both the local and international students called Erasmus Days. This event combines an introduction of practical knowledge about Erasmus exchange opportunities with entertaining and exciting events for students to get a glimpse into their international experience.

From the 27th to the 29th of September, Erasmus Days will feature inspiring presentations, helpful consultations, and an introduction to life-changing mobility opportunities worldwide.

VMU ICD invites all students to come for a different consultation format on exchange opportunities. Students participating in “Erasmus+ with a cup of coffee” will be able to learn more about the opportunities offered by Erasmus+ programme while enjoying a cup of coffee. Moreover, each student will get all the information they need about the exchange programmes, the best tips, and recommendations from the coordinators. We promise fun conversations, good emotions, a great atmosphere, and snacks!

During International Fair, you will meet with your peers who have already experienced different exchange programmes abroad. It’s a unique chance to contact current students directly and ask for their advice. Live meetings with other students will help you realize the contexts you have never heard of before. As a result, you will get certainty in your decision and confirm or refute your choice.

Haven’t you decided on your next destination yet? We are here to help you! Join us during the Presentation of Exchange Possibilities and learn about all the opportunities for VMU students. Coordinators of the International Cooperation Department will present the exchange opportunities in EU/EEA and non-EU/EEA countries, international traineeships, and much more!

Thinking about studying exchange abroad, but still have some doubts about which country or university to choose. Then the Presentation of Outgoing Students is just right for you! During this event, you will be able to learn about the former VMU exchange student’s experiences, tips, and tricks on choosing the university and destination for your studies.

Join us in a fun team event about Erasmus mobility while exploring the city and doing various tasks and games during Mobility Hunt with ESN VMU. Whether you have already done, are currently doing, or are interested in going on exchange, this event should be a fun way to test your knowledge or learn something new about the wonderful world of the Erasmus programme. And of course, maybe make some new friends while trying to be the fastest to win a prize.


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