Contests for Teaching and Training Visits under Erasmus+ programme


International Cooperation Department invites all VMU academic and non-academic staff members to participate in the Erasmus+ contests: the contest for Erasmus+ teaching visits in Programme countries (EU/EEA countries) and the contest for Erasmus+ teaching and training visits in Partner countries (non-EU/EEA countries). The visits will be conducted in the 2021/2022 academic year.

The aim of the teaching visit is to read lectures for students of a university abroad and attract them to study under Erasmus+ at Vytautas Magnus University.

The aim of the training visit is to participate in training events held abroad (except for conferences) or do work internship (observe work, participate in training activities) in universities abroad. This activity encourages professional development of academic and non-academic staff.

The announced contests are:

VMU lecturers and employees are invited to apply for contests until December 9th. The selection criteria and requirements for applications are provided in the descriptions of the contests.

More information is provided by the VMU International Cooperation Department (

More information about teaching visits

More information about training visits

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