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The Transform4Europe Chair Exchange Initiative will contribute to an enhanced and more structured teaching staff mobility. A Transform4Europe Chair is a teaching position on a topic relevant to the Alliance priority areas:

  • Societal transformation, community building and inclusion
  • Digital transformation and smart regions
  • Environmental Transformation and sustainability

The exchange envisages teaching and extra-curricular activities, which are specified by each host university. These activities will be based on employing innovative teaching methods, they will bring variety and flexibility to the study processes and will initiate collaboration in research areas of mutual interest to the sending and the host institution as well as to the Alliance as a whole.

Requirements for participants:

  • be on a teaching/research contract at one of the Transform4Europe universities, holding at least a PhD degree;
  • demonstrate relevant teaching and research experience in the Transform4Europe priority areas announced by the host university;
  • demonstrate relevant experience in intercultural communication;
  • have a working proficiency in English and/or other language(s) as included in the detailed terms of the respective host university;
  • have overall digital literacy and specific digital skills as included in the detailed terms of the respective host university;
  • possess knowledge-entrepreneurial mind-set characterized by specific competences that enable them to identify and seize opportunities and ideas, and transform them into social, cultural, or productive value (an asset).

The duration of the Chair Exchange is one semester – combining physical and virtual mobility.

The selected Chairs will be required to deliver:

  • A minimum of teaching hours at the host university as detailed in the Specific conditions.
  • A minimum of 10 teaching hours of extra-curricular activities, i.e. public lectures / consultations with students and PhD students / co-supervision of master theses / meetings with stakeholders / contribution to research / participation in workshops / conferences, etc., as included in the detailed terms of the respective host university.

Chairs will receive an Erasmus+ KA1 teaching mobility grant covering travel and subsistence from their own university provided they comply with the requirements of their home university.

Chairs are eligible for receiving additional funding provided by the host university to complement the above up to the teaching and research workload specified by the host university according to the outlined specific conditions.

The academics applying for a Transform4Europe Chair position have to submit an online Application form at both the sending and host university.

The selection is done on the basis of the specified evaluation criteria by a Joint Selection Board. The Joint Selection Board is presided by each university in turn.

The names of the outgoing and incoming Chairs are announced on the Transform4Europe website and the dedicated web-spaces of each Alliance member.

Application evaluation criteria


30 points

  •     Innovative and interdisciplinary approach
  •     Goals of the proposed teaching project
  •     Potential to involve other senior and early-career researchers
Contribution to Transform4Europe goals

30 points

  •     Capacity to contribute to the deepening and expanding cooperation between Transform4Europe universities in the long run

20 points

  •     Capacity to outreach a variety of learners
  •     Engagement in joint research in the Transform4Europe priority areas
  •     Involvement of external stakeholders
  •     Capacity to attract external funding

20 points

  •     Quality of the working plan
  •     Integration into the host institution academic environment

Conditions and terms offered by host universities:

Тhe application process is open until 31.08.2022.

Application form for candidates from VMU can be found here.

For more information contact us:

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