Academics to Meet in Israel to Discuss Middle East


From 29 December 2015 until 10 January 2016, Winter Programme: One Land, Two Peoples and Three Religions will be delivered by Israeli and Palestinian academics in Israel to scholars visiting from all over the world.

“The experience is so diverse that even though the group might be very heterogeneous – with participants that come from different parts of the world and all kinds of personal and professional experiences – everybody benefits a lot from this course in different levels”, claims Ms. Joana Ricarte, PhD Candidate in International Politics and Conflict Resolution at University of Coimbra (Portugal) and participant of the Summer Programme, 2015.

The programme is intended for students and faculty members interested in the Middle East. Participants should have an academic background in one of the following fields: history, religion, political science, journalism, international and/or Middle East studies.

A limited number of tuition scholarships* will be available to qualified candidates.

For more information, email or register online.

* Tuition scholarship does not cover airfare and local expenses while in Israel. These are to be covered by the candidate, employer or other sponsor.

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