Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities is an academic environment where old traditions of the University merge with modern history, philology and culture studies. We are proud of our versatility and happy to be a place where discussions in various languages are encouraged, where different cultural experiences fit together, and where ideas can be shared and put into practice in a friendly atmosphere.

The students of the Faculty of Humanities deepen their knowledge in the area of Lithuanian Studies, History of Lithuania and Central-Eastern Europe, Politics, Culture and Languages of East Asian and Scandinavian Countries, Cultural Studies and Philology of Modern Languages, such as English, French, German, and Italian.

The responsibility of the Faculty of Humanities is to provide the students with tools that are necessary for their professional success, such as having experience of international exchange, learning to communicate freely and working in a team. We encourage our students to be creative and seek continuous improvement both in academic and professional sphere.


  • about 1000 students
  • about 80 lecturers and researchers



  • Department of Foreign Language, Literary and Translation Studies
  • Department of Cultural Studies
  • Department of History
  • Department of Lithuanian Studies

Institutes and Research Centres

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BA degree programmes in English

MA degree programmes in English

BA and MA courses in English

Exchange Opportunities

One or two-semester Erasmus+ exchange studies at the universities in Italy, Croatia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Latvia, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Belgium, France. Students can also apply for bilateral exchange scholarships can travel to study at a university abroad for a semester or a year.

All VMU full time degree students who have not used more than 10 months of their Erasmus+ mobility for studies are also encouraged to apply for Erasmus+ traineeship grants.  

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