Faculty of Humanities to Hold International Conference on Children in Multilingual Settings (Updated 27 October)


The VMU Faculty of Humanities is to hold an international conference Children in Multilingual Settings, which will take place on 3–4 November in Kaunas. The conference aims to bring together researchers and practitioners (speech and language therapists, psycholinguists, sociolinguists, teachers etc.) who share an interest in exploring children’s language from multiple perspectives.

The main objective of the conference is to present and discuss various aspects of child language in relation to multilingualism. Presentations will deal with a broad range of topics, covering theoretical and applied research, and all levels of language competence, including typical and atypical language development. The conference will present studies covering different age groups (from infants and toddlers to older children), languages, and settings (monolingual and multilingual). The conference seeks to provide a forum for discussion of research on language acquisition in all its diversity.

Plenary sessions of the conference will be held by Virginia C. Mueller Gathercole (Great Britain) and Andreas Rodenbeck (Germany).

The languages of the conference are English and Lithuanian. The conference charges no participation fees.

Practical information about accommodation and general travel information can be found here.

Conference program (Updated 10 October)

Conference Committees

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