Mission and Vision

Vytautas Magnus University is oriented towards humanist culture. Broadly themed subjects ensure that the studies offered are not narrow or restricted to specialty subjects. The university strives to remain the hotbed for intellectual sophistication and civil consciousness, rigidly adhere to its set of values and actively participate in the life of universities around the world.

Mission of VMU

The primary mission of Alma Mater is to uphold humanist culture, avoiding limitations of narrow, highly specialized studies, and remain the hotbed for intellectual sophistication and civil consciousness.

VMU is a community-oriented institution of science and studies which provides liberal conditions of education, develops partnerships, actively participates in the city life and contributes to the development of culture and science worldwide.

Re-established in 1989, Vytautas Magnus University has shown that it always aims to serve the nation and be open to the world. Thus, following these principles of freedom, independence and openness, the university is a place where students become independent creative thinkers.

We are a dynamic academic community where:

  • students, graduates and employees are united by the ideas of the University
  • historically formed traditions and values are cherished
  • the objectives set by the initiators of re-establishment are fulfilled
  • honesty, dialogue and tolerance are promoted
  • liberal and democratic principles are applied
  • creativity, progress, continuation and development of culture are at its very foundation
  • everyone is respected, paid due attention and valued
  • no restrictions are posed by political, ideological or economic interests

We create comfortable conditions for people to:

  • foster humanist, Christian and national values
  • become receptive personalities and active members of the community
  • receive higher education, scientific and professional qualification
  • keep learning and improving their whole life
  • actively participate in the international research and studies

Partnerships between research and studies are developed by:

  • creating joint study programmes and inter-institutional Lithuanian structures of science and studies
  • encouraging mobility of students and lecturers
  • participating in national and international scientific, social and study projects

We are active in the community life of Kaunas:

  • we participate in the cultural and social life of the city
  • we cherish the humanist culture of the city
  • we contribute to the creation of the academic city
  • we collaborate with social partners in the city and the region

We actively contribute to the shaping of Lithuania’s future by:

  • aiming to nurture creative, socially active and conscientious citizens
  • carrying out innovative scientific research projects and building information society
  • participating in cultural, scientific and study gatherings, movements and civil actions
  • respecting human rights and acknowledging the responsibilities and obligations they imply
  • consolidating principles of legal and democratic state with our own example

We contribute to the global development of science and culture by:

  • participating in the creation of the project for the future Europe
  • developing and cultivating the idiosyncrasy of Lithuanian culture
  • enshrining the national identity and maintaining intercultural dialogue
  • acquiring, building and spreading scientific knowledge

Vision of VMU

Vision for 2020

VMU is an open and modern Lithuanian university which nurtures national identity and actively participates in the academic life of universities around the world.

We focus on:

  • the person, his personal dignity, the recognition of his merits and individuality|
  • openness to and tolerance of various cultures and worldviews
  • leadership in the studies and research areas of humanities, biomedicine, social and physical sciences
  • development of international networks and intercultural dialogues
  • international studies in Lithuanian
  • relevancy to the challenges of universities of the world
  • up-to-date research and modern educational activities