VMU International Traineeship

Programme funded by the university is dedicated for students’ internships in various enterprises or organizations, based outside European Union. This international opportunity allows students to adjust themselves to the recent needs of constantly changing job market, strengthen up professional skills, to get to know and expand knowledge about the economy, social system as well as culture of the country of decision.

To apply for VMU International Traineeship scholarship for 2017 please fill in the online form until December 9, 2016, which you can find here.

VMU Ambassadors – international and Lithuanian students that were participants of Traineeship exchange programme and that are ready to help outgoing students with their questions:

General Information

  1. Internship may last from 1 to 3 months;
  2. Competition for VMU International Traineeship is organized three times a year (on September, February, April);
  3. Internship may be organized in any country of the world except countries of EU and EFTA.

Selection procedure

Ist stage: online application form has to be filled before the deadline announced;

IInd stage: candidates meeting primary selection requirements are invited to interview with the commission.

Results are being announced in VMU homepage vdu.lt/en. Selected students will be informed via e-mails.

Full time students and part time students who are planning to make a traineeship in the current cycle of studies are eligible for competition.

Non-EU citizens have to have temporal or permanent residence permit to be able to leave to the destination country of VMU International Traineeship.

Documents Required

  • Filled in online application form;
  • Approval of stay from the enterprise or organization, which has to be sent to mobility@trt.vdu.lt.

Priority is given for:

  • Students, whom traineeship imbedded study programme;
  • Students who participate in the competition for the first time.

Selection Criteria

  • Student’s motivation;
  • Great knowledge of the language of the traineeship;
  • Traineeship’s compliance with study programme of the student;
  • Student’s work experience, traineeships made, participation in international academic projects, social activities in Lithuania and abroad;
  • Study results.


Group of countries I II III IV
Countries Australia, Argentina, Ecuador, USA, Canada, Japan, Israel, New Zealand, South Korea, Venezuela, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Taiwan


Ireland, Azerbaijan, Denmark, Island, Lichtenstein, China, France, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Luxemburg, United Kingdom, Thailand Austria, Greece, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Malta, Portugal, Russia, Pakistan Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Hungary, Ukraine


Traineeship scholarship 600 EUR/mėn 500 EUR/mėn 450 EUR/mėn 350 EUR/mėn

More Information

  • Vaidas Dačiola
  • Programme coordinator for Asia, Africa, Oceania & Australia
  • S. Daukanto g. 27, room 308
  • Phone+370 37 327 987
  • E-mailVaidas.Daciola@vdu.lt
  • Sandra Baltkojytė
  • Programme coordinator for North & South Americas, Southern Mediterranean area
  • S. Daukanto g. 27, room 305
  • Phone+370 37 327 978
  • E-mailSandra.Baltkojyte@vdu.lt