Integration Contract Signed Between VMU and LUES


On 6 February, integration contract was signed between Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) and Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences (LUES), solidifying the merger process that the universities launched two years ago. Until 2018 the University of Educational Sciences is set to become the VMU Academy of Educational Sciences, which will ensure the preparation of teachers for the 21st century and the system of  teacher qualification training in Lithuania.

The contract was signed by HE the President of Lithuania, Chairman of VMU Council Valdas Adamkus, Chairman of LUES Council Henrikas Algirdas Juškevičius, Chairman of VMU Senate Prof. Zigmas Lydeka, Chairman of LUES Senate Prof. Audronius Vilkas, VMU Rector Prof. Juozas Augutis, and LUES Rector Prof. Algirdas Gaižutis.

The signing of the document certifies that the two universities are obligated to improve the quality of higher education, to accumulate the potential of research and studies, to increase competitiveness at international level, to consolidate human, financial and infrastructural resources, and to prepare a new system of teacher training.

“In order to achieve a breakthrough and a change in the country’s political, economic and cultural life, reforms are needed in the education system: we must strive for a sustainable development of the higher education system, especially in the fields of the humanities and social sciences. We are certain that the integration of VMU and LUES will contribute to the strengthening of the potential of research and studies in those fields”, President Valdas Adamkus, who is also the Chairman of VMU Council and VMU Honorary Doctor, explained.

The communities of both universities agreed that the model of a classic university, based on the principles of Liberal Arts, must be strengthened, based on the recommendation of international experts “<…> for the Ministry of Education and Science to take active measures in order to popularize and adequately evaluate the unique contribution of VMU’s mission of liberal arts into the academic life of Lithuania and Europe. This institution differs from similar institutions in Europe and could position itself as a Lithuanian leader in Europe and beyond”.

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