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Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) welcomes international students to apply for 12 Bachelor and 20 Master degree study programmes in the English language. Application deadlines for studies in the 2017/2018 Fall Semester are 20 June (Sociolinguistics and Multilingualism) and 1 July (all other programmes). Application submissions have to be sent online.

This year VMU offers a wide range of study programmes in the English language, including interdisciplinary, joint, international programmes with foreign partners and others. The programmes are taught in Kaunas or Vilnius.

New and Updated Study Programmes

Based on the national and international market demands as well as ever-changing social, political, and economic processes, VMU has launched 4 new BA and 3 new MA degree programmes in English, in addition to updating the MA programme of Journalism and Media Industries.

New BA programmes include Environmental Science and Ecology, Mathematics and Its Application, Social Work, and Society, Culture and Communication.

Environmental Science and Ecology studies will teach graduates to perform environmental monitoring and assessment, analyse natural and anthropogenic environmental and climate changes, their impact on living organisms and human health, and to ground environmental impact mitigation measures according to the principles of sustainable development.

BA studies of Mathematics and Its Application will prepare professional mathematicians who are able to integrate themselves into the knowledge society using well developed mathematical skills and abilities, to recognize, conceive and implement interdisciplinary notions and concepts, and to improve professional lifelong learning competences and personal needs.

Social Work programme will prepare well-educated, open for innovations, critically thinking generalist social workers for the fast changing national and international employment market.

Society, Culture and Communication studies will enable its students to combine theoretical and empirical knowledge about society and culture with practical tools of cognition and communication.

At master level, VMU offers three new study programmes in English: Applied Biotechnology, Environmental Management and Migration Policy and History of Diasporas.

Applied Biotechnology MA prepares specialists with high quality and up-to-date training in the highly interdisciplinary field of Applied Biotechnology with focus (specializations) on Plant (Horticulture, Agriculture and Forest) Biotechnology and Innovative Bioelectrotechnologies. Graduates are able to develop new products and technologies, work in positions with high levels of responsibility in research and educational institutions and industry related to biotechnology, biomedicine, and food industry, as well as pursue their studies at the doctoral level.

Environmental Management enables students to is to acquire interdisciplinary knowledge and skills necessary for a qualified environmental professional to carry out a modern scientific research on anthropogenic environmental and climate changes and their impact on the wildlife and human health, analyse and summarise results about the state and changes in the natural environment, and make decisions, solving complex environmental problems according to the sustainability principle.

Migration Policy and History of Diasporas (MA) is the first and only graduate programme in Lithuania and Baltic States that offers English courses in the field of Migration politics and comparative historical narratives of diasporas. The programme is mainly oriented towards analysis of migration and diasporas history, present-day migration processes and migration policy trends. The best and most motivated students will be encouraged to study at least one semester abroad at one of VMU’s partner universities in Europe.

Additionally, VMU has updated the master studies of Journalism and Media Industries, which trains knowledgeable media professionals who are open to societal changes, professional challenges and innovations, possess journalistic knowledge and expertise not only to adequately respond to various societal needs, but also to critically analyze the impact of media in the country’s public life, and to initiate new and innovative communications services, interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, and multi-media projects.

VMU studies in Vilnius

VMU offers studies not only in Kaunas but also in Vilnius (studies in Vilnius are conducted in the premises of the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences). The programmes offered in Vilnius are highly prospective and prepare highly qualified specialists: these are European Economics and Finance, Social Work, and Society, Culture and Communication at BA level and Diplomacy and Migration Policy and History of Diasporas at MA level.

In both Kaunas and Vilnius, VMU students have equal status in competitions for exchange studies or internships abroad, scholarships or other financial support. They are also ensured accommodation in dormitories (premises of the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences) etc.

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