Business Administration

After completing bachelor's degree in business administration, you will know, and you will be able to create your own business as well as successfully work in business organizations. Specialists from different fields will acquaint you with the most common business situations and possible solutions. It is a wide-ranging study programme that allows you to understand the management processes of medium and large organizations. With a clear understanding of the business environment, anticipating business organization processes, decision making, HR, organizational performance evaluation and change management, you will be able to successfully build your business or apply for positions such as management and organization analyst, customer service manager, specialist, administrator, etc.

Feedback of lecturers and students

„VMU Faculty of Economics and Management provides opportunities for self-realization such as international exchanges and internships with Erasmus+ program, volunteering experiences inside the university and faculty. Also, flexible schedule of lectures makes it possible to combine studies with work” – Business Administration programme alumna Šarūnė Kasperavičiūtė

Competencies acquired

Graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the knowledge of the fundamental theoretical provisions and concepts of business administration and related areas;
  • Apply knowledge when assessing the main areas of business administration – marketing, finance, human resource, operations management;
  • Apply theoretical innovations and practical achievements, tendencies and peculiarities of modern business environment, as well as different business contexts to the analysis of business administration situations;
  • Investigate business administration problems of different nature applying scientific research methods and methods for determination of research results validity;
  • Assess business administration issues and substantiate their relevance when analyzing the impact of the changing business environment factors;
  • Demonstrate skills for the independent analysis of various business administration problems/situations, decision making and implementation, as well as project management;
  • Demonstrate skills of oral and written communication, using professional business language.

Career opportunities

The graduates of Business Administration programme will be able:

  • to further study in business administration and management, as well as in economics master study programmes;
  • to work in the marketing, finance, operations, human resource or any other business organization administration units;
  • to take up professional activity of a business administrator, a lower level manager etc. in any state or private manufacturing or service providing business enterprise, especially in small and middle business sector;
  • to start personal business establishing an individual company.


Faculty of Economics and Management (inquiries regarding study programme)
Programme contact person Head of Bachelor programmes assoc. prof. dr. Jonė Kalendienė E-mail:
Address Daukanto g. 28,  LT-44246 Kaunas, Lithuania


International Cooperation Department (inquiries regarding application and admission)
Visiting Address V. Putvinskio g. 23, Room No. 211 LT-44249 Kaunas, Lithuania
Mailing Address K. Donelaičio g. 58, LT-44248 Kaunas, Lithuania

Chat with students:

  • Faculty Faculty of Economics and Management
  • Group of Fields of Study Business and Public Administration (L)
  • Lenght of Programme 4 academic years
  • Tuition fee per year: 2704 Eur
  • ECTS credits 240
  • Name of Qualification Bachelor in Business Management