World-Renowned Innovator David Gluckman to Hold Seminar at VMU


On Friday 16 November, 4 p.m., a seminar entitled “No Nonsense Innovation – Why Simple Ideas are Often the Hardest and the Best (with Case Studies)” will be held at VMU Centre for Research and Studies (V. Putvinskio g. 23, Room 106) by world-renowned business innovator David Gluckman, the inventor of the popular Baileys Irish Cream liqueur. His visit in Lithuania is no coincidence: even though Gluckman was born in South Africa, some of his roots are in the Lithuanian town of Tauragė.

At the seminar, Gluckman will share his 40 years of experience of working and achieving success: he has not only worked with international brands such as Procter & Gamble, Unilever, and others, but also invented globally recognized brands of drinks himself: the world’s best-selling liqueur Baileys Irish Cream, Princess Diana’s favourite soft drink Aqua Libra etc.

A book by David Gluckman, That S*it Will Never Sell!, was released last year, entitled after a phrase uttered by a drinks industry pundit when a bottle of Baileys was put on his desk. In the book, Gluckman remembers his successes, failures, and lessons, the most valuable of which were related to teamwork: the ability to surround yourself with the best and brightest.

In his lectures and seminars, the innovator discusses various subjects: from the creation of a brand to the market entry. In the near future, Gluckman is planning to hold lectures in Ireland, Great Britain, the USA, Germany, Australia, and other countries. The internationally recognized marketing expert is frequently hired by companies that seek to enter foreign markets.

David Gluckman also has a connection to Lithuania: seeking to evade World War II, his mother emigrated from the town of Tauragė in the beginning of the country’s occupation.

In the seminar in Kaunas, the guest will explain why simple ideas are often the best and the hardest and will hold a discussion and a practical workshop dedicated to international business. The event will include not only work with international brands and lessons from Gluckman’s experience but also an opportunity to establish new contacts.

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