Why VMU: Fascinating Student Life and Heritage in Sync with Modernity


An intern at VMU interviewed a number of international full-time students and asked them to explain the reasons for choosing studies at Vytautas Magnus University. This series of articles, “Why VMU?”, presents their thoughts.

Giorgi Katsitadze, a Georgian student currently pursuing an MA in International Bussiness Law at VMU, is already convinced that he has made the best decision of his life by choosing this program, even though he has only spent one semester here.

Like many international students in VMU, Giorgi discovered the university from his friends, who recommended it to him as one of the top ranking universities in the region. The next step was, quite simply, to go online to Study in Lithuania and find everything on studies at Vytautas Magnus University.

Some of the reasons why Lithuania was a great place to study in, according to Giorgi, include safe environment, cheaper living expenses and friendly, hospitable people. He also singles out the scholarship and high quality education provided by VMU, as well as the diploma, which is recognized worldwide and provides a lot of help in finding a good-quality job after graduation.

“Along with the gained academic knowledge, international environment, living and studying with fellow students from all over the world is a lifetime experience”, adds Giorgi, expressing delight in the opportunity to discover a new country and a new culture.

The international business law student says that a student’s life at VMU is usually rather busy, but that only makes it fascinating. “No matter where you live, in dormitory or in a private flat, when you step into the university building you know that you are going to have your work done. You are full of confidence, energy, power and will. You also know that after the busy day there will be plenty of opportunities to spend time and enjoy an unforgettable atmosphere with your friends.”

As for leisure time, Kaunas has plenty to offer to everyone, regardless of lifestyle, personality or hobbies, Giorgi says. “This city is always open for interesting adventures. Downtown has a huge selection of different pubs, clubs, and cafes. If you want to get to know the history of Lithuania and Kaunas, there are interesting museums to visit. Personally, I am interested in history and good music”, he reveals, also noting that this is basketball city: Kaunas is the home of Žalgiris, which reached the Final Four of the Euroleague this season, and its arena is just 10 minutes away from VMU dormitory.

Giorgi notes that plenty of interesting events are organized by VMU itself, for instance, the volunteer student organization ESN VMU, which offers a large number of projects, events, and initiatives for VMU international students: Blood Donation Days, Cultural Nights, Museums’ Day and many others.

He was also very impressed with the university’s professors and the overall environment. “They used exceptional methods to enrich the studying process, all of them did it superbly. The professors are always ready to assist, encourage and support innovative ideas presented by students. VMU has friendly environment for everyone. Perfect technical support group and coherent online platform make studying process much more suitable. In addition to that, which was particularly impressive to me, every building has a history and heritage of the university merged harmoniously with modernity.”

After all this praise, it is perhaps unsurprising that Giorgi is quick to recommend VMU to all of his friends or anyone looking to have an international study experience. “I have already witnessed and experienced the level of education and environment at VMU, Kaunas. It is an open door to the bright future of its students.”

Having gained personal experience as an international student at VMU, Giorgi fully agrees that international and intercultural studying environment has a huge impact on students. ‘It gives students opportunity to get familiar with fellow peers from all around the world, with their culture and traditions, share experience and knowledge, make lifetime connections. I used this opportunity to introduce my own country and culture to the world’s future generation”, explains Giorgi.

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