VMU to Host Meeting Dedicated to Traditional Chinese Medicine


On 8-9 July 2020, Vytautas Magnus University will host the 8th Annual Meeting of Good Practice In Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Association (GP-TCM RA).

The conference will bring together scientists, clinicians, regulators and business people involved in different aspects of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

To reflect our commitments to good practices in TCM research and development, speakers will include representatives from industry that are bringing new medicines to the market based on traditional Chinese medicine as well as those studying different aspects of quality control. This will include the need to embrace new techniques and monographs for monitoring the control of granules entering the trade.

Who should attend the conference?

  • Pharmacologists, natural product chemists and those interested in drug development
  • Those involved in the conservation and sustainable supply of medicinal plants and fungi
  • Companies interested in developing products based on traditional Chinese medicines
  • Clinicians and acupuncturists involved in TCM

More information will be published in the near future.

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