VMU to organize Transform4Europe Conference


We kindly invite you to the first Transform4Europe Alliance’s international conference-hackathon “Transform4Europe International Conference-Hackathon for the Innovative Teaching and Learning Methods in Higher Education (INNO-METHODS)” by 12 September. The conference, which will take place on 24-27 October 2022 at Vytautas Magnus University, is dedicated to the analysis of innovative teaching and learning methods in higher education.

The aim of the conference is not only to share existing educational practices, but also to anticipate and explore possible future solutions. To this end, participants will also be invited to take part in the first Hackathon, which will focus on the practical application and development of innovative methods in higher education. The conference aims to foster the exchange of ideas on innovative teaching and learning methods in higher education, combining the capacities of all Transform4Europe Alliance partners.

Conference programme 

Guide for the participants

Registration for the audience

More information about the conference can be found here.

Conference-Hackathon Flyer

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