VMU Study Quality Surveys’ Results


We invite you to get acquainted with the results of the study quality surveys conducted at Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) in 2021-2022.

At the end of each semester, the University students participate in the survey “Evaluation of Teaching and Learning” and express their opinion on the teaching and learning quality of the studied courses. They also evaluate their own activity in the study process and the performance of tasks. Students are provided with separate questionnaires about different teachers of study courses (except for internships, coursework, research, and final theses). We present you the summarized results of the survey of Spring 2022.

Teachers also expressed their opinion about teaching and student involvement in the Teacher Survey conducted in May and June 2022. Teachers presented suggestions on how to improve the student engagement, shared their opinions on professional development needs and expressed their views on teachers’ working conditions at the University. More about the results of the Teacher Survey.

In the Graduating Students’ Survey (EXIT) conducted in January and June 2022, students shared their opinions about studies and completed internships, the preparation and defence of the final theses, skills they have developed, and made suggestions on how studies could be improved. We invite you to review the results of the EXIT survey.

The advantages and disadvantages of studying at the University were discussed by the 2021 alumni of VMU who participated in the Alumni Survey in summer. In this survey, alumni also assessed their preparation for professional activities. We present you the summarized opinion of alumni regarding studies.

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