The Student Survey “Teaching and Learning Evaluation” is Underway

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The University has launched the student survey Teaching and learning evaluation in 2021 autumn semester. In the end of each semester all the students of bachelor, master, integrated and professional studies are invited to share an opinion about teachers and their own work during the semester study courses. The survey is anonymous!

In order to enhance the objectivity of evaluation, the survey is open until the 5th of December, i. e. by the main examination session. Teachers will be able to observe the results related to their courses at the beginning of January. This timing has been initiated in order to increase the objectivity of the survey results:

  • students would not be influenced by the final evaluation of the study course, and they could present their opinion on teaching and studying more objectively;
  • at the end of teaching the study course and organising the final evaluation, the opinion of the students expressed in the survey would not affect the teachers.

The survey is of a summative nature, so teachers will be able to respond to students’ suggestions in preparation for the next semester’s study courses.

The opinion expressed in the survey is significant for making decisions on study quality. Students are invited to dedicate their time and participate in the survey – to give an opinion and thus contribute to the improvement of the quality of studies. Please be active and complete the questionnaire in the student self-service portal.

Teachers are asked to encourage students to participate in the survey Teaching and learning evaluation.

In order to achieve the quality of studies, we invite you to be conscious, social and active!

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She's my best teacher for this year, she will make sure you understand the topic

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