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Study Opportunities are Key Factor in Golden Age of Globalization


Every semester hundreds of new incoming international students find a place to call second home in Kaunas, Lithuania. Some of them for shorter periods, others for several years – regardless of time spent, everyone acquires an unforgettable experience and lifelong friendships at Vytautas Magnus University.

One of such visitors is Alan Said Perez Himenez, an international VMU student originally from Mexico, who is currently pursuing his second Master’s Degree at VMU, after discovering the study programme accidentally while studying on exchange in Germany.

Discovering Lithuania, Kaunas and VMU

As an exchange student from Mexico in Germany, Alan has met two exchange students from VMU. The Lithuanians came to Germany on Erasmus+ exchange in the same semester as him. After making friends with his peers from the Baltic state, Alan was invited to visit Lithuania and discovered a lot about the country and Kaunas before his exchange studies in Germany were over. According to him, the impression was strong enough to convince him to try exchange studies here as well.

When asked about the reasons why Lithuania seemed to be the right destination to study, Alan cites the quality education at reasonable price, fair living costs, and kind local people.

Alan is also quick to point out the reasons for choosing studies at VMU in particular. “First of all, the study programs are based on reality and the needs of the modern life. Secondly, teachers have great experience and are always willing to invest in their knowledge which they consequently transfer to the students. Finally, the cost of the studies and living expenses”.

Experience at Vytautas Magnus University

How much time have you spent here so far? What are your biggest achievements and adventures here?

I’ve been here for 3 years and I’m  pursuing a second Master’s degree. I have had a great experience and many adventures throughout, but if I had to chose one, the time when I represented Lithuania in the European Erasmus Sports Games was one of the most memorable adventures.

What do you study at VMU? How would you describe your faculty and study programme?

Currently I’m studying Journalism and Media Industries. I’d describe the program as exciting and useful. The things that I am learning from the studies are exactly what I need to continue some of my personal projects. The faculty is a little bit quiet, but also visible, it organises various events for the students, both local and international.

How do VMU professors accept international students, how do they enrich their studying process?

Professors accept students based on their will and motivation to learn. Usually, if you are an international student and the teachers see the right potential in you, they will accept you and help you without problems, without any selections based on discrimination.

Which of the university spaces is your favorite one?

VMU has a new building with a modern library, the VMU Centre for Research and Studies (23 V. Putvinskio Street). However, I am loyal to the older library, which is located in the home of the Institute of Foreign Languages, among many other subdivisions (52 K. Donelaičio Street). It is still my favorite place to study.

Would  you recommend studies at VMU in Kaunas to your friends or anyone who is interested in studying here?

Yes, and I’ve already done that, waiting for one of my friends from Mexico to make a decision and come here as well.

What kind of additional activities does VMU organize for its international students? Do you participate in them?

Most of the activities are organized by ESN VMU. I’ve been actively participating in many social, cultural, sports and other activities, trips, and parties. Today the organisation is growing and has started accepting international students as well, so I have a chance to not only participate, but also become an active member and help with organising the events in my free time as well.

How do VMU international students spend their free time in Kaunas? What kind of activities are they interested in?

There are activities available for all kinds of interests: nightclubs, sports, cultural events, various workshops. If you’re willing to look for what really catches your attention and to invest your time in it, you won’t be disappointed. And if you have a Facebook account and a local friend by your side, you’ll always be the first to hear about upcoming events.

International experience at a young age

Do you think that international and intercultural surroundings are important to the students today? What kind of new opportunities do they provide?

I would say that not only does it matter, it is actually the key factor nowadays, as we are in the golden age of globalization. It’s not a secret that many people are nowadays willing to live, work, make friendships and business partners or even create families in a totally different environment than they originally come from. The more we interact with people from different countries and cultures, the more we study in an international/intercultural environment, the better we prepare for the great opportunities and challenges that await us in the future.

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