Election of members to the University Labour Council


In accordance with the new Labour Code of July 1, 2017, labour councils have become mandatory at workplaces with 20 or more employees on average. Under the Rector’s order of December 29, 2017, a Labour Council Election Commission was created at Vytautas Magnus University with the aim to organise the election of the University Labour Council in two months. Given the average number of the University employees, 11 members will have to be elected to the Labour Council. Each employee who has reached the age of 18 and has had an employment relationship with the University for more than 6 months will be eligible to be elected to the Labour Council. The employer and his/her representatives cannot be members of the Labour Council.

All employees, except the employer and his/her representatives, who have had an employment relationship with the University for at least 3 continuous months will be allowed to participate in the election of the Labour Council with the voting right.

Labour council election process

15 January- 7 February

Until 7 February University employees are kindly invited to nominate their candidates to the Labour Council. Candidates to Labour Council can be nominated by the employees holding the right to vote. Only the employees with the right to vote, except members of the Election Committee, can stand as candidates. Each University employee has the right to propose one candidate addressing the Election Committee in a written form and submitting the candidate’s written consent. Signed applications and consents must be scanned and sent by e-mail to the secretary of the Election Committee Iveta Gadeikyte iveta.gadeikyte@vdu.lt. After the candidate is included in the list, both the candidate and the University employee who has proposed the candidate will be informed by e-mail.

8 February

The final list of the candidates for the VMU Labour Council will be posted on 8 February on the University website.

19-21 February. Preliminary voting

To ensure that all University employees are able to participate and express their opinion in the election, a preliminary voting will be performed three days before the election day. The date and the place of the preliminary voting: 19-21 February, K. Donelaičio str. 58, at the Rectorate building on the 2nd floor.

22 February. The election day of the Labour Council

Voting will take place in the election headquarters located in VMU Small Hall at S. Daukanto str. 28 from 7:30 till 18:00. On the election day, the University bus will run according to the schedule (the schedule will be posted with the final list of the candidates for the VMU Labour Council on 8 February) and the employees whose workplaces are further from the election headquarters will be driven to the polling place and brought back to their workplaces. The planned route of the bus includes buildings located at Jonavos str. 66, Muitinės str. 7, V. Čepinskio str. 5, Gimnazijos str. 7, Vileikos str. 8 and Ž. E. Žilibero str. 6. The participation in the election is available during the working hours.

23 February. Announcement of the Labour Council election results

Until 23 February 15:00 the Commission will count all the valid ballot papers and announce the 11 members elected to the Labour Council on the University website.

Labour Council activity

Before the Labour Council is elected, the internal procedures and the payment system prepared in accordance with the new Labour Code can be approved by the decision of the head of the company or his/her authorised person. After the election of the Labour Council, all changes in the documents mentioned above should be coordinated with the Labour Council.
If the employer breaches information and consultation duties, the Labour Council has the right to initiate a labour dispute regarding the employees’ right. The body analysing the labour dispute has the right to cancel decisions taken by the employer and to oblige him/her to perform certain actions.
The main duty of the employer is to inform the Labour Council and consult with them in such cases:

  • Regular informing and consulting;
  • Before approving internal regulations;
  • In the case of group redundancies;
  • In the case of transfer of the whole business or its part.


For further information, please contact:

  • Chairperson of the Labour Council Election Commission Edvinas Samys, e-mail edvinas.samys@vdu.lt, ph. 8 37 222739 (internal 4705)
  • Secretary of the Labour Council Election Commission Iveta Gadeikytė, e-mail iveta.gadeikyte@vdu.lt, ph. 8 37 327809 (internal 1100)

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