Competition for VMU Graduate Ignas Bielevičius Nominal Scholarship


Mr. Ignas Bielevičius, a graduate of Vytautas Magnus University’s (VMU) Faculty of Informatics (IF) who graduated from the university in 2009, has established one-off nominal scholarships for VMU students, one of which is 500 euros, in 2020. The purpose of this scholarship is to financially encourage students for their successful study results and active scientific and/or social activities.

Applicants wishing to receive Mr. Ignas Bielevičius nominal scholarship must meet the following criteria:

  • they must be a student of 2nd or higher year of the first cycle of studies and/or integrated studies in the form of full-time studies
  • the total grades average must be not lower than 8,000 (eight)
  • during studies at the university students must actively participate in scientific, social and/or public activities within and outside of the university

Students wishing to participate in the competition for Mr. Ignas Bielevičius nominal scholarship must submit the following documents to before December 5, 2021:

  • a free-format cover letter for the scholarship;
  • curriculum vitae (CV) and/or description of activities, which would reveal active participation in the scientific, social and/or public activities within and outside the university.

IMPORTANT: The scholarship is not open to laureates of the 2020 scholarship.

The decision to award a scholarship will be made by the founder of the scholarship. Nominal scholarships will be awarded by the end of the 2021 calendar year.

About the founder of the scholarship

The founder of the scholarship, Mr. Ignas Bielevičius, who is currently engaged in activities that combine information technology and financial markets, says that he is grateful to VMU for his own discoveries and has no doubt that encouragement of the young people opens the door to even greater opportunities and new achievements.

“It has always seemed to me that the encouragement of the young people is necessary, so I am glad that when I had an opportunity to contribute to it, I did not hesitate and implemented an idea that I had in mind for quite some time. I believe that motivating talented students is a mutually beneficial initiative in many different ways, the most important of which is the opportunity to contribute to the strengthening of the community. I am grateful to VMU associate professor, Mr. Rūstis Kamuntavičius for helping me in discovering interesting activities and encouraging me to establish these scholarships for students”, – VMU graduate Ignas Bielevičius shared his thoughts.

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