Co-Founder of Two Highly Successful Start-Ups to Hold Lecture at VMU


On Wednesday 25 September, 5.30 p.m., co-founder of start-ups Millo and Deeper, Aivaras Bakanas, will hold a public lecture at VMU Small Hall (28 S. Daukanto g., Kaunas) entitled Sales & Marketing ‘Duo’ in New Brand & Product Development. Cases of Millo & Deeper.

The university’s students and employees interested in start-ups, marketing, branding, and product development are invited to participate. The lecture will be public but primarily dedicated to first year MA students of Marketing and International Commerce, as Bakanas has been invited to be a guest lecturer of the course ‘Entrepreneurial Marketing’.

In the lecture, Aivaras Bakanas will share his experience on two international brands that are considered to be probably the most successful Lithuanian start-ups: Millo, a maker of smart portable blenders, and Deeper, which manufactures smart sonars. His lecture will address the following aspects: new start-up, new brand name, maybe new category – how to attack worldwide markets? What are the most important steps when starting a business and developing a brand? How tightly are sales and marketing connected in this journey? The lecture will be based on Bakanas’ 6 years of experience and real-life cases with Deeper and Millo.

About Aivaras Bakanas

Aivaras Bakanas is the co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer at Millo. He has over 15 years of experience in sales and business development in export markets. Previously he worked as head of sales for Deeper Smart Sonar. The results he achieved in 5 years include established sales and partners in over 50 countries and a turnover increase from 0 to 10 million euros. Bakanas has great negotiation skills and a broad international network of business connections.

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