Apply Now for the Language Project “Multilingual Lithuania”


Have you always wanted to learn a specific language but never the had the opportunity? Perhaps one of your biggest dreams is to learn Chinese texts? Or maybe you’re fascinated by French and want to be fluent enough to say much more than just c’est la vie? The answer to all of these and similar questions is Multilingual Lithuania.

Multilingual Lithuania is a language project organized by ESN VMU which provides the possibility to learn various languages for free. During the project, students are being taught by other students who are advanced enough to teach and are usually native speakers. The lectures, which take place once a week, cover A1 or A2 language levels. When registering, the participants can choose up to 10 language courses. The length of the project is 2 months: from 30 September until 29 November. At the end, the participants will be presented language certificates that signify their gained knowledge and participation.

Anyone interested in the project is welcome to sign up for the classes now. Registration deadline is 29 September.

More information is available by e-mail ( and on Facebook.

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