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The Department of Sociology at Vytautas Magnus University is currently accepting applications for new interdisciplinary (sociology and communication) BA study program Society, Culture and Communication.  We sat down with its head Professor Artūras Tereškinas to talk about the program.

What is unique and new in this program that distinguishes it from other BA sociology or communication programs?

Society, Culture and Communication is a unique interdisciplinary program which emphasizes sociological research skills, media and cultural studies. It focuses on key media, communication and cultural institutions central to the contemporary world. The program offers courses from a wide range of disciplines and departments, which will enable students to get acquainted with diverse ways in which all forms of media and communication drive the global economy, shape individual identities and define contemporary social life. Courses will explore topics as diverse as risk communication and sustainable development, globalization and international communication, theory and practice of public relations, cultural diversity and intercultural communication, audiovisual communication and scriptwriting, deviance, crime and social control, gender and sexuality, and body and society.

What skills will students acquire in the courses of this program?

The Society, Culture and Communication program will enable students to develop strong analytical and methodological capabilities: they will not only be expert social analysts but also capable actors in social, cultural and communication policy debates. Graduates of the program will possess strong data literacy and both quantitative and qualitative methods skills, which are highly valued in the labor market. The program encourages students to think analytically about current social problems and human communication as well as to engage in original projects and research related to the issues of social exclusion, poverty, structural inequality, public health, civic (dis)empowerment and social policy. All skills acquired in the program are relevant to a variety of professions.

Students are always interested in their career prospects. What professions or career paths could the graduates of this program take?

Skills in innovative contemporary social research methods will allow the graduates of the program to get employment in national and international companies, organizations and institutions. People with capabilities to identify, forecast and solve fundamental social problems are crucial for these institutions. Graduates could also successfully pursue careers in media and related research fields, advertising, public relations, marketing and cultural policy. Of course, some of them will continue Master and PhD. studies in sociology, communication or other social sciences.

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Babin Rijal

hi im Babin Rijal from Nepal, i would like to interested to study BA studies of society culture and communication this this university so could you please provide me the information about requirement and application process for this course, thank you

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