25 Percent Accommodation Fee Reduction Will be Granted


In accordance with the decisions of a working group which was established to analyse and address relevant issues in the University dormitories during the nationwide quarantine announced by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, the Rector of the University has made the following decisions: in order to reduce negative consequences of the quarantine situation for the students, all students of Vytautas Magnus University who have valid Agreements for Accommodation will be granted 25 % accommodation fee reduction for the period from April 1st, 2020, to June 30th, 2020.

Accommodation fee reduction will be granted to all students of VMU who have been living in the dormitories since April 1st, 2020, or later. Accommodation fees will be updated in the following order:

  • If a VMU student has already paid the fees for April, he or she will have an overpayment after the 25 % reduction is applied;
  • If a VMU student has not yet paid the fees for April, he or she will have to pay 25 % lower fees after the reduction is applied;
  • If a VMU student has already moved out of the dormitory after April 1st, 2020, he or she will have an overpayment or the fee will be 25 % lower (depending on whether resident has paid fees or not) after the reduction is applied.

Accommodation fees will be recalculated by April 17th, 2020, and information will be updated here without prior notice. Accommodation fees for May and June will already be reduced by 25 %.

Students who currently do not reside at the dormitory and are not planning to return to it before the start of the next academic year can terminate the agreement. In such case, they will not have to pay the monthly fee. VMU will provide accommodation for all of these students as soon as they decide to return to the dormitory. As a result, the students who terminate the agreement do not lose the option to be accommodated at the dormitory. The option of accommodation at VMU dormitory is provided for everyone who requests it, i.e. 100 percent of applications are approved.

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