Agricultural Mechanical Engineering

Where can you do an internship?

Professional internships are carried out in companies with the most recent production facilities and technologies in Lithuania and abroad. Students acquire practical skills solving concrete engineering problems depending from selected alternative study subjects: selecting and diagnosing mechatronics systems, designing the elements of agricultural machinery, preparing manufacturing technologies, evaluating vehicles and its‘ service, choosing devises, diagnostic and service of  agricultural  machines, etc.

Exchange possibilities

Students have a possibility to take part in various exchange programmes (Bilateral exchange, Erasmus+) for studies and traineeships abroad and get monthly scholarship that ranges from 300 to 700 Eur.

The career opportunities

Graduates have an opportunity to work in the country’s and European Union companies as specialists of mechanical engineering in machinery and technology design, including agricultural, manufacturing, technical service and logistics companies, private farms and other large scale agricultural enterprises (agriculture and cooperative companies and others), in management vehicles and agricultural machinery administration and quality control institutions, to develop private (own) business.