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Bachelor and Master Degree students have a possibility to take part in various exchange programmes (Bilateral exchange, Erasmus+) for studies and internships and get monthly scholarships of 300 – 700 Eur.

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Vytautas Magnus University provides international degree students with great possibility to choose Minor studies.

Why it is worth choosing minor studies?

  • Minor studies are free of charge
  • You will get broader education - graduates become specialists in two areas
  • You will broaden your employment opportunities and adapt better to labor market changes

Minor study programmes are available in academic year 2017 – 2018:

Faculty of Humanities

English Philology

Faculty of Informatics


Faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy

International Politics and Development studies

When can the Minor studies be chosen?

Minor study programme may be chosen to study by the first-cycle and integrated studies students. Students may continue or graduate their Minor studies while studying in a Master’s degree programmes.

What is the volume of Minor studies programme and what are they?

The volume of the minor study programme shall be no less than 40 ECTS.

Are evaluations of Minor studies courses included into the average of semester studies marks and are those courses and marks included into the Diploma Supplement?

The marks of Minor studies are counted into the average of the semester marks and are included into the Supplement of Diploma.

What document determines Minor studies?

Minor studies are provided in compliance with the Order on Organisation of Minor Studies.

Where should the request to study Minor studies be signed?

The request should be signed in the Dean‘s office, where the student is studying.

How to register to the courses of the Minor studies?

Registration to the courses of the Minor studies are performed by the general procedure, by using Student Self-service programmes. The ranking of studying the course of the Minor study programme, must be confirmed by the department of the Minors study programme.