The aim of the Program Economics is to educate students for the requirements of professional world in economics, in the context of globalization and economic integration; open minded when focusing on economics and financial topics and creatively applying tools of mathematical and statistical analysis, processing critical thinking, strengthening ability to analyze and assess the changes in economic environment.

Program learning outcomes

  1. Ability to apply theories and knowledge of economics and finance that is sufficient for critical thinking during construction of research design and discussions with professional audience.
  2. Ability to apply theories of management, and marketing together with recent economic knowledge in interdisciplinary studies of economic and finance issues and discussions with various audiences.
  3. Ability to assess and forecast changes of economic and financial indicators of organizations, countries and multi-national regions using mathematical, statistical analysis, econometrics knowledge and methods creatively.
  4. Ability to plan and conduct research, to interpret and conclude the findings in the context of everyday life of organizations and entire economy by using sense thinking.
  5. Ability to collect and summarize primary, secondary and tertiary data relevant to solve economic, financial, social, ethical problems of organizations and countries.
  6. Ability to communicate in economic analysis context using English language, produce and deliver economic, financial and business information to various audiences, give their own views, participate in negotiations and work efficiently in cross-cultural environment.
  7. Ability to take responsibility for continuous learning and formal and informal professional development that is necessary to continue their studies and manage the career.

  • Faculty Faculty of Economics and Management
  • Lenght of Programme 3 years
  • ECTS credits 180