Environmental Science

The general aims of Environmental Science undergraduate programme are to educate the competent specialists and researches in the chosen research and study area. To empower them to develop intellectual competencies in order to be capable to participate in research advancements, to take responsibilities in research and practice developments as well as to disseminate knowledge. The more specifically aim of Environmental Science programme is to acquire knowledge and develop practical skills required to perform environmental monitoring and assessment, analyse natural and anthropogenic environmental and climate changes, their impact on living organisms and human health, and to ground environmental impact mitigation measures according to the principles of sustainable development.

Competencies acquired

Graduates will be able:

  •  Define the main natural and anthropogenic components of the environment, their interaction and anthropogenic impact on the environment.
  • Explain local, regional and global environmental problems caused by human activity;
  • Apply quantitative and qualitative methods to environmental monitoring and assessment of the state of the environment and its anthropogenic changes.
  • Analyse short-term and long-term environmental and climate changes, the main trends and their reasons from the point of view of sustainability.
  • Summarise the key environmental problems, factors determining them and potential threats to the natural environment and human health.

Career opportunities

The programme provides graduates with several general areas:

  • Research science positions in laboratories working in environmental quality evaluation and assessment.
  • Laboratory and production technician positions in biotechnology, pharmaceutic, food, cosmetic, agriculture and biochemical industries.
  • Companies related to environmental agencies, environmental control and food industry and safety, biotechnology, biopharmaceutics, health services.
  • Management positions in the industry and related government institutions.


Faculty of Natural Sciences (inquiries regarding study programme)
Programme contact person Karolis Gedvilas karolis.gedvilas@vdu.lt
Dean of the faculty of Natural Sciences Saulius Mickevičius dek@gmf.vdu.lt
Address Universiteto str. 10-314, Akademija, Kaunas reg., Lithuania
Website gmf.vdu.lt/en
International Cooperation Department (inquiries regarding application and admission)
E-mail studies@vdu.lt
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  • Faculty Faculty of Natural Sciences
  • Group of Fields of Study Physical Sciences (C)
  • Lenght of Programme 4 academic years
  • Tuition fee per year: 3426 Eur
  • ECTS credits 240
  • Name of Qualification Bachelor of Physical Sciences