Performing Arts

The Performing Arts Study programme aims to develop highly qualified creative artists, music performers (instrumentalists, singers, soloists, musicians of diverse ensembles, orchestra conductors), who will have an impact upon the musical (cultural) tradition not only through their creative works and other artistic means, professionally performing works solo and in ensembles and orchestras of various compositions, but also by analysing, commenting on, personally developing individual creative activities, searching for the most influential artistic work interpretations, fostering historical traditions of the music art and influencing the musical development processes.

Professors are active and acknowledged artists with national and international acclaim. They are members of various associations and bring a high level of competence. The professional competence is an important factor in fulfilling the purpose of the programme. Some of the lecturers belong to international organizations which are related to their professional or organizational activities.

Specializations: Accordion, Accordion - Chamber, Choir Conducting, Orchestral Conducting, Jazz, Piano, Piano Accompaniment, Singing of Concert Genres, Singing of Scenic Genres, String Instruments, String Instruments - Chamber, Wind and Percussion Instruments, Wind and Percussion Instruments - Chamber, Musical.

Why Performing Arts programme?

  • High employment rate during studies
  • Active performing practice in city’s symphony orchestras
  • High quality auditoriums with new instruments for rehearsals
  • Academic and creative freedom
  • Study exchange opportunities
  • Participating in international musical projects and competitions

Student Testimonials

I appreciate the opportunity to study in the VMU Music Academy. I appreciate the very professional and at the same time human approach. The high level of education inspires me to further develop and deepen my knowledge. Exchange opportunities and many other events open opportunities and support us..
 Marketa Frankova. Czech Republic.

Studying in VMU wasn’t easy for me, as a foreigner, when I arrived at Lithuania. But thanks to loyal professors I’ve achieved tangible results. I appreciate their understanding and support during studies a lot. Students have an opportunity to get a job in Lithuania. I work as an accompanist in the Music Academy. Also, thanks to language course and help of teachers and friends I was able to learn Lithuanian - now I communicate with my colleagues very easily.
Zlata Oliinyk. Ukraine

Feedback of lecturer

Music Academy of Vytautas Magnus University is a full-fledged member of the European Association of conservatoires, is active in other international organizations. Music Academy degree programmes are accredited by international experts. Our students are employed in Lithuania and the European Union concert organizations.
Doc. Dr. Saulius Gerulis, dean of Music Academy


It must be also noted that master classes are led by the most regarded virtuosos in their fields and numerous visiting professors. It truly improves the students’ familiarity with the latest and the most unique artistic developments.

  • Jintao Liu
  • Alexander Paley
  • Vladimiras Prudnikovas

Competencies acquired

  • To create and justify a complex and original interpretation of a musical work in various (classical, contemporary and authentic) styles on the basis of specialized music analysis and individually exceptional knowledge about creativity, creative work and performing art processes.
  • To interpret musical material, understanding the principles of work composition, interaction of elements of the musical language, psychology of creativity and the causality of musical expression.
  • To distinguish and compare styles, genres, works of different epochs, linking this knowledge with the specificity of a concrete artistic performance and the needs for the formation of the original repertoire.
  • To apply appropriate tools of creative idea implementation in an original way, assessing the specificity of the original context and the means of enriching it, designing their work in the most plausible contexts of artistic activity and communication.
  • With the participation of musicians of different fields, to formulate a concept of musical creativity phenomenon, based on the perspective of musical art, performing music and directing projects together with instrumentalists of various specialties, singers and choirs.
  • To speak and write about music and musical activities in a mature and skilful way, responsibly and skilfully implementing works of interdisciplinary creativity and evaluating the possibilities of disseminating the experience of such creative activities.
  • To be able to produce evidence of one’s musical experience - audio, video, texts helping to develop the activity, taking into account its functioning spaces, capabilities and functions in the context of creative industries.
  • To realize a creative idea of the highest level, revealing artistic excellence, upholding ethical and aesthetic norms, taking into account the role and possibilities of musical activity in shaping personality and society.

Career opportunities

Graduates will be able to work in the following professional fields of work:

  • Play/ sing in ensembles, musical collectives.
  • Perform roles, play in an orchestra or sing in a choir at various theatres.
  • Establish their own ensembles, musical collectives.
  • Pursue personal pedagogical practice of preparing.
  • Pursue personal pedagogical practice of teaching.
  • Pursue a solo career.
  • Take part in musical projects.
  • Continue studying at the PhD level.
  • Write educational or professional papers for websites and musical journals.

Contacts of Music Academy (inquiries regarding study programme)

Contact persons of the programme

Dominykas Šimonis,


V. Čepinskio g. 5, LT- 46257, Kaunas, Lithuania

Contacts of International Cooperation Department


Visiting Address

V. Putvinskio g. 23, room 211-215, LT-44249 Kaunas, Lithuania

  • Faculty Music Academy
  • Group of Fields of Study Arts (P)
  • Lenght of Programme 2 academic years
  • Tuition fee per year: 9 887 Eur
  • ECTS credits 120
  • Name of Qualification Master of Arts