Marketing and International Commerce

The goal of the programme is to prepare marketing and international commerce specialists of high qualification who, having mastered the most recent marketing theories and methods, are able to analyze tendencies and changes in the market independently, follow and evaluate scientific innovations, as well as apply the knowledge for the development of organization marketing management.

Masters in Marketing degree can help students develop and update the advanced knowledge, skills and strategic and industry awareness they need to take the next step towards a future marketing career.

Exceptional feature of Marketing and International Commerce programme is that Faculty of Economics and Management gives an opportunity for master students to get two independent diplomas in this study programme. There was an agreement signed for Joint Master programme (double diploma) between Vytautas Magnus University and Catholic University of Louvain. Students will follow a defined programme, which fulfils the academic requirements for the Master degree.

Feedback of lecturers and students

“Double diploma studies allow to get better perception about other countries’ problems. It becomes a great opportunity to see team work between different country students. After master’s double diploma studies, students are able to adapt knowledge much easier to the constantly changing environmental, work between multinational companies and see how cultural differences might affect organization’s atmosphere”.

Džiugas Patruškevičius, the graduate of the programme.

From a student's perspective

Alla Tytarenko (Alumni from Ukraine)

I have chosen Marketing and International Commerce program, because it has a good combination of subjects that are necessary to become a marketing professional. Besides, obtaining systematic knowledge for my future career, it also gives me great amount of cross-cultural communication in international environment

Competencies acquired

Student having successfully accomplished the programme would be able:

  • Apply the modern / current scientific theories of marketing and international commerce, methods and technologies.
  • Evaluate and adapt the current knowledge of marketing and other areas close to it.
  • Independently perform marketing research using modern analytical methods, evaluate the results of the impact of marketing and commercial decisions, and discover new facts.
  • Solve the problems of marketing and commerce in new, constantly changing marketing environment and in the broader contexts.
  • Create and realise marketing strategies and individual processes and to provide consultations on issues relating to those activities


Career opportunities

With a Masters in Marketing you will be able to pursue many different career options, from academia to business. The specialisation is aimed at students that want to lead and make decisions in the marketing department of a firm or organisation, including positions such as product manager, brand manager, marketing analytic or head of marketing department. The profile will also fit those who would like to work in consultancy firms, larger organizations, governmental and non-governmental departments and authorities.


Faculty of Economics and Management (inquiries regarding study programme)
Head of Study Programme Commitee Assoc. Prof. Nina Klebanskaja
Administrator Rasuolė Andruškevičiūtė,
Address S. Daukanto g. 28, room 209, LT-44246 Kaunas, Lithuania


International Cooperation Department (inquiries regarding application and admission)
Visiting Address V. Putvinskio g. 23, room 211, LT-44249 Kaunas, Lithuania
Mailing Address K. Donelaičio g. 58, LT-44248 Kaunas, Lithuania

  • Faculty Faculty of Economics and Management
  • Group of Fields of Study Business and Public Administration (L)
  • Lenght of Programme 2 academic years
  • Tuition fee per year: 2952 Eur
  • ECTS credits 120
  • Name of Qualification Master of Business Management