Music Production

  • A high school diploma or equivalent degree
  • Proof of English Language: applicant has to present document proving B2 level (TOEFL 87 iBT/534, IELTS 5.5 or any other document proving B2 level) if the applicant had not received education in English. After admission all students will be tested for English language level at the Institute of Foreign Languages at Vytautas Magnus University. If English level will be below B2 students will have to study English to reach B2 level (in first four semesters of Bachelor studies).Portfolio
  • The Portfolio is your opportunity to display your creativity, expertise and knowledge about music composition. Use your imagination when compiling your portfolio! The content should reflect originality, skills and your personality. Please make sure your portfolio adheres to the following requirements:
    1. 10-20 minutes of your own music composition. If you are also a singer, please include examples of your vocal performances
    2. Please attach a written rationale of 200 words (1 x A4 page double-spaced) which explains the inspiration behind your work
    3. All work in your entry portfolio should be recent (this means you should have completed it within the last 24 months) and must represent YOUR OWN ideas and work, and not infringe upon the copyright or intellectual property of other artists, authors or talent.
    4. All portfolios should be submitted as audio or video files on a CD or DVD.
    5. All other (text) digital submissions should be in PDF format.
    • Admission score is counted as follows:
  • Admission score is counted as follows: Motivation letter and Portfolio *0,7 +  English*0,3.