Student Registration to Courses of Spring Semester


From 20 November until 22 December, registration is open to the group A, B, C and D subjects (courses) of 2015/2016 spring semester for the full-time first-cycle (BA) and integrated programmes’ students. Registration is available at the REGIS registration system of the VMU Student Self-Service Portal (SSP).

It is possible to register using any computer with an internet connection. A FirstClass (FC) user name and password are necessary in order to register. Student Self-Service Portal (SSP) can be used only by a person holding the status of a VMU student. More information about the registration is available in the SSP User Manual.

Before registering to the courses, every student has to devise his/her individual study plan, while taking into consideration the following requirements:

  • First and second year full-time and integrated programmes’ students have to register to courses which amount to the total of no less than 24 credits and no more than 36 credits per semester;
  • Third and fourth year students have to register to courses which amount to the total of no less than 21 credits and no more than 39 credits per semester;
  • the recommended amount for one year of studies is 60 credits;
  • students who take the Informatics course in the spring semester have to register to two time slots: one for the lectures and one for the lab work (both the lectures and the lab work of Informatics amount to the total of 4 credits).

Priority Criteria for Registration

  • First priority – higher year of studies (priority is given to students of higher year of studies).
  • Second priority – grade point average of the preceding semester; for 1st year students – the university enrolment competitive score (priority is given to students with a higher grade point average or a higher competitive score).

Registration date and time has no impact. Registration list is formed on the basis of the priority criteria above. During the registration process every student is obliged to check whether depending on his/her priority he/she is registered within the available number of places in the course and whether students with higher priority have not “eliminated” him/her from that number. Students can check their registration in the SSP REGIS section “Monitoring of registered courses”.

Stages of Registration

  • First Stage – from 20 November 10:00 to 29 November 24:00.
  • Second Stage – from 30 November to 22 December 24:00 (only registration to the remaining available places).

Priorities are valid for each stage independently. During the second stage students with higher priority cannot “eliminate” students with lower priority registered during the first stage.  In the second stage students compete, in accordance with their priorities, only for the remaining available places in the courses.

Students who have registered to courses on the SSP REGIS system do not have to sign in the paper lists of registration.

Students who forgot their passwords can come in person to the Student Centre at 27 Daukanto str., Room 206, with their student ID or contact the centre by phone at 8 37 751 175.

More information

Registration to Courses on VMU Student Self-Service Portal

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