Andreas F. Kelletat

Garbės daktaras / Honorary Doctor (Suteiktas vardas 2010-03-30)

Prof. Andreas F. Kelletat is a professor at Johannes Gutenberg University-Mainz, researcher of languages and culture. He was granted Vytautas Magnus University Honorary Doctor’s degree in 2010.

Kelletat became famous in Germany for the organization of international schools of translation for the European translators, and international Germanic conferences and translation symposiums. He is the head of international group of doctoral students; member of the commission for the selection of lecturers of German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD); editor of a great number of periodical publications. Kelletat has written many philological and cultural publications. Kelletat has contributed to effective cooperation between VMU and other institutions. Since 2000, when long-term cooperation contract was signed between VMU and the Faculty of Applied Linguistics and Cultural Studies at Mainz University, DAAD has supported research, internships and student exchanges, VMU library collections. Kelletat visited VMU several times, gave public lectures, and initiated scientific conferences. 

Speech by Prof. Andreas F. Kelletat at the Honorary Doctorate award ceremony