ESN VMU Is Looking for New Members


The ESN VMU team is looking for new members: students who like to make the most of their spare time are invited to join in and spend the autumn semester together with new friends from all around the world.

ESN VMU (Erasmus Student Network of Vytautas Magnus University) is a division of ESN, an international non-profit student organisation, at VMU. Its team has been working voluntarily for the good of international exchange students since July 2009. ESN VMU seeks to create opportunities to discover other nations, nurtures mutual respect and intercultural understanding, encourages volunteering and civil spirit.

ESN VMU members are encouraged to use its various projects and events as a way to improve in a multitude of different fields:

• For the second year in a row, ESN VMU and the VMU International Office organize the Cultural Nights series, which offers a playful and intriguing introduction of national peculiarities in various countries.

• Photography exhibition Best Shots of Exchange, which showcased moments of student exchange experiences, was held at Vero Cafe@VDU during the 2012 spring semester.

• In 2012, the VMU International Office, the ESN VMU team and international students organised the project Erasmus for Lithuanian Schools (Erasmus Lietuvos Mokykloms). The classes were organised "differently" in six Lithuanian schools: in addition to providing deeper knowledge of other nations, they encouraged tolerance and intercultural understanding.

The organisation offers new activities and interesting events to international students every semester, including trips and tours around Lithuania and beyond. ESN VMU does not limit itself to local or national events only. The organisation also makes it possible to participate in international ESN events, such as Annual General Meeting (Budapest, Hungary in 2011, Granada, Spain in 2012 and Maribor, Slovenia in 2013), Central European Platform (Krakow, Poland in 2011, Graz, Austria in 2012, etc.)

If YOU want to be a part of it all, come to the meeting of new members on 6 September, where you will find out more about the activities and possibilities of ESN VMU! After the meeting, new members will be able to join ESN VMU officially. Next Tuesday, together with the veterans of the organisation, they will start serious work and plan the activities of the semester.

Those who intend to take part in the meeting are requested to e-mail a short letter to Details and location of the meeting will be provided by e-mail as well. It‘s time to ESN your life!

Moments from the spring semester farewell party Moments from the spring semester farewell party VMU on the Boat.

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