Disability-Friendly University

Disability is not an obstacle to becoming a member of VMU community. VMU has followed this philosophy in its daily activities since 1992. VMU was the first Lithuanian institution of higher education to launch a programme which integrated people with disability into society through higher education. Today this university is still known as friendly to people with disability: VMU has continuously implemented its disability-related policies as a socially responsible university and has upheld similar values for more than two decades:

  • financial support is provided. The exemption of the tuition fee and the payment for accommodation in the dormitory is provided by the university during every semester of studies
  • material basis of the university is constantly being built, reconstructed, adjusted and adapted to the needs of students with physical disability

people with disability live in the dormitory rooms that are adapted to their needs, with the option provided for their companions to be accommodated with them

  • many study programs are flexible and can be adapted to the needs of the person with disability by organizing the process of studies: distance learning, various forms of examination, etc.
  • the university provides students with the necessary learning / educational tools and devices so that students with disability can use the necessary material for their studies

On 2011 VMU was awarded by Education Exchanges Support Foundation as an “Education and study institution, which most actively promoted people with special needs mobility by Erasmus program from 2007 to 2010”.

Striving for the qualitative and quantitative change in the process of the integration of people with disability into society through the university, VMU administration periodically organizes meetings with VMU students with disability. These and similar meetings, as well as working groups, serve the goal of engaging in a dialogue with students with disability. VMU works together with them in order to create a university which is friendly to people with different disability and gives more opportunities for them to participate in the decision-making process at the university.

A student with disability will always be heard and understood at VMU. He or she will always be able to participate and contribute to the process of making comfortable conditions for learning, studying and living. This is one of the fundamental aspects of which Vytautas Magnus University can be proud of as a university which is friendly for people with disability.

Students with Disability at the University

In the academic year of 2012/2013, over 130 students with mobility, vision or hearing impairments and chronic ailments were studying at VMU. 95 of them have been determined to have a working capacity of 45 percent or lower.

Atmosphere of Studies


Most premises and facilities of the university are fully or partially adapted to the needs of students with reduced mobility:

  • The entrance door to the VMU Building No. 3 (K. Donelaičio g. 52) opens automatically.
  • Student Recreation Room at the VMU Building No. 3 Room 115 (1st floor), where people with disability can use portable computer tables, a massage chair and a recreation space.
  • Separate floors in the stairway and individual rooms at the VMU Building No. 3 include corresponding Braille markings.
  • Vaclovas Biržiška Reading Room on the 2nd floor of the VMU Building No. 3 (K. Donelaičio g. 52) has a special designated workplace for a person with disability, which contains a portable computer desk with a widescreen monitor and other equipment.
  • Special hoists and wide lifts at VMU buildings use audio system of announcements.
  • Lecture rooms have designated places for people in wheelchairs.
  • Vytautas Magnus University provides accommodation for students at two VMU dormitories which are fully adapted for students with mobility impairment. Companions of persons with disability may also be accommodated at the dormitory. The dormitories have comfortable conditions for living, learning and recreation:
    • VMU Dormitory No. 1, Taikos pr. 119
    • VMU Dormitory No. 2, Vytauto pr. 71
  • Present equipment and infrastructure are continuously being improved.


The accommodation for students with disability is provided in the dormitories without competition. If there is a need, the accompanying persons can live together. These persons (a student and an accompanying person) are provided with exemptions on the payment for accommodation.

Organization of Studies

The administration, professors and students of the university understand the needs of people with disability and work to ensure that they have a comfortable experience at VMU.

Every student designs their own individual schedule of studies which is personally adapted to their needs. If you notice that the appointed auditoriums are difficult to access, please inform the Academic Affairs Office:

More about Studying Conditions for People with Disability


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