Social Work

Area of Studies: Social Sciences
Faculty: Faculty of Social Sciences
Mode of Studies: Full-time studies
Length of Programme: 2 academic years (120 ECTS)
Name of Qualification: Master of Social Work

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Access Requirements

The prospective students are expected to hold a Bachelor degree or its equivalent.

Competencies Acquired

Graduates will be able to:

  • develop social work research and produce social work knowledge;
  • analyse the mission and objectives of contemporary social work in the local and global context promoting human rights and social justice;
  • reflect the integrity of theory, practice and ethics in social work process;
  • analyse the interrelations between social policy, social structures and resources and design social projects;
  • critically analyse interactions between social worker and client and perform interventions in complex situations;
  • apply social work intervention methods emphasising participation of clients in the change process;
  • understand the principles, methods and restrictions of social worker activity in organisation and community;
  • reflect the learning and professional experience, professional relations in organisations and continue learning independently, developing social work profession.

Career Opportunities

Master degree in Social Work provides possibilities:

  • continue studies in doctoral programs (PhD) in sociology, social work, science of education and in other social sciences programs;
  • to work as a managers and as a superior social workers in social security, education, healthcare, law institutions: social support departments in municipalities, social services centres, residential care institutions, day-care and community centres, nongovernmental organizations, hospitals, prisons, schools, universities, colleges, social research organizations. 

Program graduates are able to plan, organize and manage social services; design and implement national and international social work programs and projects; carry out social research; implement preventive programs; teach in social work programs; develop social workers` competences; plan,  implement and evaluate intervention process working with individuals, groups, families and communities.

Application Procedure

Detailed information on required documents, legalization of documents, application deadlines, tuition fees etc. is provided in the section “Addmission to MA”.