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Studijų turinio kaita į studentą orientuotų studijų paradigmoje : teorinis aspektas
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Curriculum change by implementing student-centred approach: theoretical perspective
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Profesinis rengimas : tyrimai ir realijos = Vocational education: research and reality. Kaunas : Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas, 2012, nr. 23
p. 96-106
Kaunas : Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas
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The paper presents the changes of different curriculum types by implementing student-centred learning. It is noted that in the beginning of the twentieth century the concept of „student-centred learning” developed by Rogers during the Bologna time was substantiated to the concept of studies, which are based on the learning-outcomes. By concluding different research it has been shown that a big gap exists between the concepts of learning outcomes based curriculum at the level of Bologna documents, and understanding of learning outcomes based curriculum, which happens in the classroom. It is shown that the implementation of student-centred approach requires systematic changes at a recommended, written, taught, tested, supported and hidden curriculum level. It is concluded that student-centred approach development begins at the level of recommended and written curriculum. Having investigated different research, it has been observed that the implementation of student-centred approach can get stuck at the level of written curriculum by reformulating studies aims to learning outcomes statements and recalculating national credits to ECTS credits just in a mechanical way. It is concluded that changes at the taught curriculum broadly depends on academic staff beliefs and values. It is summarised that at a higher education institution the student-centred approach is fully developed when learning outcomes based approach appears at the level of hidden curriculum.
Straipsnyje yra atskleidžiama skirtingų studijų turinio tipų kaita įgyvendinant į studentą orientuotas studijas. Pažymima, kad konstruktyvistinės krypties atstovų plėtota į studentą orientuotų studijų filosofija Bolonijos proceso metu buvo sukonkretinta iki taktinio lygmens pastarąją apibrėžiant kaip studijas, grindžiamas studijų rezultatais. Atskleidžiama, jog studijų rezultatai bei Europos kreditų kaupimo bei perkėlimo sistema yra tarpinė grandis tarp į studentą orientuotų studijų paradigmos bei jos diegimo studijų turinio lygmenyje. Apibendrinama, kad į studentą orientuotų studijų paradigmos diegimas reikalauja sisteminės kaitos rekomenduojamo, rašytinio, dėstomojo, patikrinto, paremiamojo bei paslėptojo studijų turinio lygmenyje.
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