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dc.contributor.authorSirvydas, Povilas Algimantas-
dc.contributor.authorNadzeikienė, Jūratė-
dc.contributor.authorMilašius, Rimvydas-
dc.contributor.authorEičinas, Juozas-
dc.contributor.authorKerpauskas, Paulius-
dc.description.abstractAn exchange of various forms of energy between a human and the media surrounding him proceeds continually, and the process preserves this continuous dynamic balance during his life. Thermal energy exchanges occur mainly through the clothes which a human wears. Thus, the package of clothes participates in energy exchanges between man and his media reducing the dynamics of heat transfer. When seeking to ensure thermal comfort to a wearer, it is necessary to assess the ability of the garment’s design as well as its material to reduce dynamic thermal energy processes. The investigation presented herein by us, was carried out having mainly in mind its application for designing working clothing. In reality our conditions and conclusions are concerned with a significant broader range of garments. We carried out investigations aimed at evaluating the role of thermal insulation properties of garment materials and clothes in lowering the external thermal energy dynamic processes. Data on temperature fields in working garments as influenced by the outer average temperature are presented. It was found that at a certain depth , the heat exchange processes become steadier. This depth indicates the optimal thickness of the clothes package. The optimal layer thickness allows us to determine the garment’s thermal resistance which can be recommended with the evaluation of transient conditions and the temperature variation dynamics of the surrounding airen
dc.description.sponsorshipVytauto Didžiojo universitetas-
dc.description.sponsorshipŽemės ūkio akademija-
dc.format.extentp. 55-58-
dc.relation.ispartofFibres & Textiles in Eastern Europe. Łódź : Institute of Chemical Fibres., 2006, Vol.14, No 2(56)-
dc.relation.isreferencedbyScience Citation Index Expanded (Web of Science)-
dc.subjectClothes packageen
dc.subjectTemperature fielden
dc.subjectThermal energy processesen
dc.subject.otherAplinkos inžinerija / Environmental engineering (T004)-
dc.subject.otherMechanikos inžinerija / Mechanical Engineering (T009)-
dc.titleThe role of the textile layer in the garment package in suppressing transient heat exchange processesen
dc.typeStraipsnis Clarivate Analytics Web of Science ar/ir Scopus / Article in Clarivate Analytics Web of Science or / and Scopus (S1)-
local.object{"source": {"code": "vdu", "handle": "40495"}, "publisher": {"name": "Institute of Chemical Fibres.", "list": false}, "db": {"clarivate": true, "scopus": false, "list": true}, "issn": ["1230-3666"], "code": "S1", "subject": ["T004", "T009"], "url": [""], "country": "PL", "language": "en", "area": "T", "original": true, "pages": 4, "sheets": 0.286, "timestamp": "20190924093931.0", "account": {"year": 2006, "late": false}, "na": 5, "nip": 0, "affiliation": [{"contribution": 0.2, "aip": 1, "rel": "aut", "org": [{"create": true, "contribution": 0.2, "name": "Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas", "id": "111950396", "level": "0", "type": "uni", "research": "1", "status": "1", "unit": {"name": "Žemės ūkio akademija", "id": "09", "level": "1", "type": "aka", "research": "1", "status": "1"}}], "id": "5D2D412B101A7E1D4C92853A3DBBF6A3", "lname": "Sirvydas", "fname": "Povilas Algimantas", "status": "0", "name": "Sirvydas, Povilas Algimantas"}, {"contribution": 0.2, "aip": 1, "rel": "aut", "org": [{"create": true, "contribution": 0.2, "name": "Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas", "id": "111950396", "level": "0", "type": "uni", "research": "1", "status": "1", "unit": {"name": "Žemės ūkio akademija", "id": "09", "level": "1", "type": "aka", "research": "1", "status": "1"}}], "id": "A65804B14B836A9F460FD2620C07874B", "lname": "Nadzeikienė", "fname": "Jūratė", "status": "0", "name": "Nadzeikienė, Jūratė"}, {"contribution": 0.2, "aip": 1, "rel": "aut", "lname": "Milašius", "fname": "Rimvydas", "status": "0", "name": "Milašius, Rimvydas"}, {"contribution": 0.2, "aip": 1, "rel": "aut", "org": [{"create": true, "contribution": 0.2, "name": "Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas", "id": "111950396", "level": "0", "type": "uni", "research": "1", "status": "1", "unit": {"name": "Žemės ūkio akademija", "id": "09", "level": "1", "type": "aka", "research": "1", "status": "1"}}], "id": "EFEF5A62337D4D23ECE8069DB9F3D242", "lname": "Eičinas", "fname": "Juozas", "status": "0", "name": "Eičinas, Juozas"}, {"contribution": 0.2, "aip": 1, "rel": "aut", "org": [{"create": true, "contribution": 0.2, "name": "Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas", "id": "111950396", "level": "0", "type": "uni", "research": "1", "status": "1", "unit": {"name": "Žemės ūkio akademija", "id": "09", "level": "1", "type": "aka", "research": "1", "status": "1"}}], "id": "A3A90C0BBBBACAB9AFAECA924EA8A084", "lname": "Kerpauskas", "fname": "Paulius", "status": "0", "name": "Kerpauskas, Paulius"}]}-
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