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Type of publication: Straipsnis / Article
Author(s): Pleše, Iva
Title: An e- mail is (not) a letter: the ethnography of correspondence and the practice of saving letters and e-mails
Other Title: El. laiškas nėra/yra laiškas: susirašinėjimo etnografia ir laiškų bei el. laiškų saugojimo praktika
Is part of: Acta litteraria comparativa, 2015, nr. 7, p. 308-318
Date: 2015
Keywords: Correspondence practice;Letter;E-mail;Saving;Ethnology/ethnography;Croatia;Susirašinėjimo praktika;Laiškas;El. laiškas;Išsaugojimas;Etnologija/etnografija;Kroatija
Abstract: After a short introductory review of the letter as a subject of anthropological/ethnological research in a Croatian context, the article, based on a conference presentation, deals with the issue of saving letters and e-mails, regarded as an element that can help us in understanding personal texts that people write and send to each other and in characterizing them as letters or e-mails, or both. The title of the article refers to two ways of thinking about e-mails which are quite different, if not opposed to each other. According to widespread opinion, letters cannot be sent by an electronic mailing system, which means that personal texts must be strongly connected to one or the other of the two types of medium of communication. One type of text is connected to the paper-letter, to its materiality and other characteristics, and the other – to the e-mail. The article argues that this two-fold division or classification is too simple. The article is partly based on published correspondence and partly on ethnographic research which is limited in generational, gender, geographical, temporal and other senes; however, it remains open to individual perspectives of people included in a particular practice.
Trumpai apžvelgęs laišką kaip antropologinį/etnologinį subjektą Kroatijos kontekste, straipsnis tiria laiškų ir el. laiškų išsaugojimo praktikas. Straipsnio pavadinimas nurodo į du galimus galvojimo apie el. laiškus būdus. Pasak paplitusios nuomonės, laiškai negali būti išsiųsti el. pašto sistemos. Tai leidžia daryti išvadą, jog asmeniniai tekstai privalo būti susieti su vienu iš dviejų komunikacijos tipų. Viena teksto rūšis yra susijusi su popieriniu laišku, jo materialumu ir kitomis savybėmis, kita – su el. laišku. Straipsnio autorė bando įrodyti, jog toks suskirstymas yra pernelyg paprastas.
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Appears in Collections:Acta litteraria comparativa, 2015, nr. 7: Laiškas literatūroje ir kultūroje

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