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dc.contributor.authorRuškytė, Džiuljeta-
dc.contributor.authorKunskaja, Svetlana-
dc.description.abstractScrutiny of scientific papers and other reference sources justify the relevancy of competencies acquired in the pursued activities. A new modern approach towards the enabling competencies/individual skills is associated with the capabilities comprising critical thinking and analysis, technology knowledge and research skills, as well as quantitative and critical legal thinking skills. For the purpose of identifying the relevance of enabling competencies/individual skills in the activities pursued by energy and environmental protection sectors, expert evaluation of the energy and environmental sectors was conducted. The indices of non-parametric Kendall’s W test and H0 hypothesis test have indicated either good or very good compatibility of expert evaluations. The evaluated relevance of enabling competencies/individual skills via ranking method in the activities of energy and environmental sectors have indicated critical thinking and analysis to be the most relevant ones though research skills and critical legal thinking were ranked the second and technology knowledge skills were the third, and finally, quantitative skills, appeared to be the least relevant. The most relevant enabling competencies/individual skills highlighted by experts as the most relevant ones, concern, to a larger extent, the performance of a specific work, group of works or functional area works, which are of topical relevance in the area of energy and environmental sectorsen
dc.description.sponsorshipMokytojų rengimo institutas-
dc.description.sponsorshipVytauto Didžiojo universitetas-
dc.description.sponsorshipŠvietimo akademija-
dc.format.extentp. 196-199-
dc.relation.ispartofBusiness engineering journal. Tbilisi : Georgian technical university, 2018, vol. 3-4-
dc.subjectEnabling competenciesen
dc.subjectIndividual skillsen
dc.subjectExpert evaluationsen
dc.subject.otherVadyba / Management (S003)-
dc.titleExpert evaluation of the relevance of enabling competencies / individual skills in the activities pursued by energy and environmental sectorsen
dc.typeStraipsnis kituose recenzuojamuose leidiniuose / Article in other peer-reviewed editions (S5)-
local.object{"source": {"code": "vdu", "handle": "62076"}, "publisher": {"other": ["Georgian technical university"], "list": false}, "db": {"clarivate": false, "scopus": false, "list": false}, "issn": ["1512-0538"], "code": "S5", "subject": ["S003"], "url": [""], "country": "GE", "language": "en", "area": "S", "original": true, "pages": 4, "sheets": 0.286, "timestamp": "20190626111534.0", "account": {"year": 2018, "late": false}, "na": 2, "nip": 0, "affiliation": [{"contribution": 0.5, "aip": 1, "country": ["LT"], "rel": "aut", "org": [{"create": true, "contribution": 0.5, "name": "Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas", "id": "111950396", "level": "0", "type": "uni", "research": "1", "status": "1", "unit": {"name": "Švietimo akademija", "id": "08", "level": "2", "type": "fak", "research": "1", "status": "1", "unit": {"name": "Mokytojų rengimo institutas", "id": "0801", "level": "3", "type": "ins", "research": "1", "status": "1"}}}], "id": "EB60BAC1BFC1A355D9648A57B6B656F9", "lname": "Ruškytė", "fname": "Džiuljeta", "status": "1", "name": "Ruškytė, Džiuljeta"}, {"contribution": 0.5, "aip": 1, "country": ["LT"], "rel": "aut", "lname": "Kunskaja", "fname": "Svetlana", "status": "0", "name": "Kunskaja, Svetlana"}]}-
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