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dc.contributor.authorVveinhardt, Jolita-
dc.contributor.authorGrančay, Martin-
dc.contributor.authorAndriukaitienė, Regina-
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this research is, having examined the expression of mobbing as a psychosocial factor in organisations accessing or implementing corporate social responsibility (CSR), to form integrated actions for the decrease and/or elimination of the phenomenon. Companies with CSR, while addressing issues of well-being of employees as an interested party, ethics and human rights, must face up to their responsibilities to prevent the employees from facing psychosocial stressors caused by mobbing and bullying, while both collaborating with organised employees’ structures and accepting employees’ reports on destructive relationships in working environment and taking them into consideration. Having created the instrument, an empirical research was completed conducting a survey among 1,512 respondents from 34 organisations in Lithuania that declared or did not declare CSR. It was discovered that CSR has a significant influence on the employees’ approach to organisation’s products, promotes greater confidence and loyalty and leads to greater personal initiative while completing tasks. However, comparing the organisations which declared and did not declare CSR, approval of the statements about psychosocial well-being is more significant in the latter ones, while in the organisations which declared CSR, orientation towards external interested subjects was revealed, and the systematic work organisation advantages possessed are not used for ensuring functional relationships between employees and employee safety against psychosocial stressorsen
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dc.description.sponsorshipVytauto Didžiojo universitetas-
dc.format.extentp. 432-445-
dc.relation.ispartofInžinerinė ekonomika = Engineering economics. Kaunas : KTU, 2017, vol. 28, iss. 4-
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dc.subjectPsychosocial stressorsen
dc.subjectHuman resourceen
dc.subjectCorporate social responsibilityen
dc.subject.otherVadyba / Management (S003)-
dc.titleIntegrated actions for decrease and/or elimination of mobbing as a psychosocial stressor in the organizations accessing and implementing corporate social responsibilityen
dc.typeStraipsnis Clarivate Analytics Web of Science ar/ir Scopus / Article in Clarivate Analytics Web of Science or / and Scopus (S1)-
local.object{"source": {"code": "vdu", "handle": "21668"}, "publisher": {"name": "KTU", "list": false}, "db": {"clarivate": true, "scopus": true, "list": true}, "issn": ["1392-2785"], "doi": "10.5755/", "code": "S1", "subject": ["S003"], "url": ["", ""], "country": "LT", "language": "en", "area": "S", "original": true, "pages": 14, "sheets": 1, "timestamp": "20180201125147.0", "account": {"year": 2017, "late": false}, "na": 3, "nip": 1, "affiliation": [{"contribution": 0.33333333333333, "aip": 1, "country": ["LT"], "rel": "aut", "org": [{"create": true, "contribution": 0.33333333333333, "name": "Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas", "id": "111950396", "level": "0", "type": "uni", "research": "1", "status": "1", "unit": {"name": "Ekonomikos ir vadybos fakultetas", "id": "02", "level": "2", "type": "fak", "research": "1", "status": "1", "unit": {"name": "Vadybos katedra", "id": "0202", "level": "3", "type": "kat", "research": "1", "status": "1"}}}], "id": "D609F4B2E2291772F6B3DCDE41E3EF90", "lname": "Vveinhardt", "fname": "Jolita", "status": "1", "orcid": "0000-0001-6231-9402", "name": "Vveinhardt, Jolita"}, {"contribution": 0.33333333333333, "aip": 1, "country": ["SK"], "rel": "aut", "lname": "Grančay", "fname": "Martin", "status": "0", "name": "Grančay, Martin"}, {"contribution": 0.33333333333333, "aip": 1, "country": ["LT"], "rel": "aut", "org": [{"create": false, "contribution": 0.33333333333333, "name": "Lietuvos sporto universitetas", "id": "111951530"}], "id": "2FC17A0EC0E40E6401C0F35192FB033B", "lname": "Andriukaitienė", "fname": "Regina", "status": "0", "name": "Andriukaitienė, Regina"}]}-
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