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Publication type
master thesis
Šapauskaitė, Laura
Putinaitė, Nerija
Šeima kaip vertybė: asmens tapatumo problema
Other Title
Family as the value: the problem of an individual's indentity
80 p.
Date Issued
03 June 2005
In this Master work I analysed the plaice of ethics in the family. The identity of a person was overlooked. The family as a worthfull unit is not under evaluation, but the position of the society must be considered, as the eternal values do not loose their worth. In Lithuania the common standards of family are accepted, though the possible problems and threats are not omitted. In this work ethical aspects among the people and their relations were analysed and it was discussed how they affect new appearing forms of family relations. The evaluation of family influence and positive circumstances were discussed, that encourage a person to seek perfection while living in the family. The situation in Lithuania was analysed, as the problems of poverty and disrespect to the older people influence the family union and the marriage itself. A research was carried out among the graduates of various schools in order to find out what the values of the young people were and what their position towards the marriage and family was. It was important to note that according to the results, our young people respect the traditional values, but they are becoming unconcerned about the traditional family. They put accent to the personal freedom and reject the formal marriage In the work recommendations how to create a family and improve the situation of it were given in order to help a person to be happy loved and free living in a family.
Lietuvių / Lithuanian (lt)