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Publication type
master thesis
Pranckietytė, Virginija
Socialinio pedagogo vieta mokyklos bendruomenėje
Other Title
Social pedagogue's place in school society
82 p.
Date Issued
17 June 2004
Purpose with this work is to investigate social pedagogue’s actions functions and identify his place in school society. To achieve this purpose there are those goals: to analyze societies notion and to show its singularities; to mark social pedagogue actions functions’ strategies in school society, to determine functions, which lead towards concentration of this society (cooperation with VTAT, NRP, NVO and others) *; to show importance of functions of social pedagogue; to determine place in school’s society of social pedagogue; to establish theoretical model of social pedagogue’s activities in school society. Investigation object was social pedagogue’s activities in school society. On the strength of theoreticians’ investigations and practical experience, we established model of social pedagogue��s activities in school society, which can be implemented as follows: 1. Permanent implementation (continuous, constant); 2. Transformational implementation (variable implementation, conditioned by specific factors, which decide implementation of inadequate model or it works, but not in full force, that’s why it is not sporadic implementation.); 3. Sporadic implementation (single, occasional). With investigation we identified, that there is transformational implementation in the work of social pedagogue’s in the secondary schools of Vilnius. The hypothesis, that “social pedagogue in concentrated school society executes challenges, which society brings up, by positively doing different functions, cooperating with social companions and all members of school society. Also the social pedagogue with his actions solves personal and institution problems, governs it’s concentration”, was proved in this work. * VTAT – The Service of Riht Children’s Defence; NRP – The Officials of Affairs Under – age; NVO – The Public Organizacion.
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